Seven Star Hotel for Brekkie

I remember back then, when Burj Khalifa was still Burj Dubai and its construction was still ongoing, Burj Al Arab is what people back home were requesting me to go and take photos. It was unattainable for me to get in there, it’s damn expensive. However, a friend’s invitation for his birthday celebration made it all possible.  I feel happy seeing it from a distance whenever I’d go past the Jumeirah area, but that time that it’s all right in front of me, I was feeling electrified all over.

The first thing that you have to remember is it’s not possible to enter the area spontaneously. You need to book for a reservation in any of its rooms/restaurants/cafes. Reserving a table in one of its restaurants remains the best option–I’d say worth it for the money you burn. :p

Burj Al Arab is located on a reclaimed area.

Luxury cars parked at the VIP parking, just on the hotel’s entrance.

Wonder who “parked” this camel :p

The grandiosity continues as you enter the hotel lobby. The twisted sofa is such a standout but wait ’til you look on your sides as the concierge looks like a tunnel to another dimension!

This huge water feature is the centerpiece of the lobby. Beside the escalators is a big aquarium.

My friend took me to Sahn Eddar Restaurant for breakfast. When asked about the price, it’s around 200 dhs–that’s more than my two week’s food allowance! Yikes!

The breakfast consists of a couple of pastries, sliced fruits, yogurt, a glass of juice, and a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate. And of course, the main dish–scrambled egg. Damn, I miss the typical Filipino breakfast!

Food’s a little o-kaaay but I wish there’s something more than this.

After ze breakfast, we did a short tour of Burj Al Arab.Everything’s glittering! There’s gold everywhere! And the intricate details are so amazing!

And who’d forget the Hermes Body Lotion in the Ladies Room? Fab!

This is the entry to Al Mahara Restaurant, perfect for a meal “underwater”. A huge aquarium can be seen in the middle of the restaurant.

On the 27th floor is a restaurant that boasts a panoramic view of the Jumeirah Beach, the Palm and the World Islands plus the stunning Dubai skyline. The entrance to the restaurant looks like a computer chip. Architect’s a geek-o!

The panoramic view of Dubai was the highlight of my morning. No doubt, this hotel exhibits beauty and extravagance. I’d say Burj Al Arab has proven itself well enough to claim that seven star status.

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