Days before I left for holiday, we dined in Buongiorno Cafe upon seeing it on our way home. We got our fast food dinner canceled and decided to eat here instead. It’s been awhile since we last visited this restaurant; the last one was still on their old place behind Regent Hotel. We have no idea that they’ve moved until we saw it that night.

Anyway, we came to like¬†know¬†Buongiorno Cafe because of its good homemade dishes (mostly Filipino), plus the cozy restaurant and the videoke made available to its customers (we were once suckers for sing-alongs). Aside from serving international cuisine, they also offer coffee and pastries. Uh, I think it should be the other way around because originally, Buongiorno is a coffee shop, thus Buongiorno Cafe, not Buongiorno Restaurant. Anywaaaaay, their new place is nice and definitely bigger than the old one. I think it could fit in a hundred diners. Interior is also good with shades of browns, oranges and black. 4 32-in TVs were mounted on the walls and there’s some sort of a waiting area at the entrance. Improving!

Now showing: TV Patrol! Oh yes, TFC!

These fancy lights adorn the already interesting ceiling of the restaurant.

It took us half an hour to eat. Yes, the cooking and stuff took that long, so imagine our disappointment, not to mention regret (if we went to Burger King, we’d probably be finished eating our meals during that waiting period). I ordered a combo meal of chicken barbecue + pancit Malabon + a cup of rice + soda. Just that. And my boyfriend, on the other hand, ordered afritada + pancit Malabon + rice + soda. They served the complimentary oyster soup a few minutes after they took our orders (and it’s not that hot, mind you).

So finally after the long wait, we were served with these:

We waited for these. I felt the serving was so tiny. Well, the food tastes okay. I can’t say it’s superb. I’ve known pancit Malabon since birth and I couldn’t say it’s an inch closer to the best that I’ve tasted. My boyfriend’s not so happy with his afritada too.

Hmmm, we’re now in doubt with revisiting Buongiorno Cafe in the future. If we ever come back by mistake, I’ll make sure to scrape off the combo meals in my choices and perhaps try their restaurant’s specialty. Who knows, that might change my mind.

Buongiorno Cafe
Shop #2 Al Zarooni Building, opposite Burjuman Center, Bur Dubai
+971 4 357 0300

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