Sizzling Plates at Kobe Sizzlers

Last week, our department decided to treat our bosses for lunch. We went to this new joint named Kobe Sizzlers in Karama, just opposite Spinneys. Just incase we get stuck waiting for tables, we decided to reserve and I think the team occupied 1/3 of the dining hall.

Kobe Sizzlers is a restaurant that originated in Mumbai. The name already suggests the joint’s specialty. The branch here in Dubai has a cozy reception area. Dining tables are set on the second floor, alongside with their kitchen. They got LCD screens on two sides featuring an Indian channel. The place is nice and clean except for the sticky (oily) menus and table toppers.

I ordered Sizzling Chicken Nasi Goreng. It looks kinda different from the usual nasi goreng I’ve had previously. Taste is o-kay but thing is, it doesn’t have the normal nasi goreng kick. Plus, there’s no egg on it.

All of us tried sizzling plates and here are a few snaps of what others got:

Chicken Satellite

Chicken Sizzler

When everyone finished eating, we started digging on desserts. I ordered Sizzling Brownie out of curiosity. They served a small sizzling plate with a block of brownie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. And whilst it’s still sizzling hot, chocolate syrup was poured on it! Yummy! But I guess if I could add milk or make the brownie a little bit milky, it’d be such a hit! To me, it’s the best from Kobe Sizzlers.

As for the main course, I’m not quite satisfied. I’d prolly go back and try another dish instead. But the amazing Sizzling Brownie, it’s worth going back for!


Kobe Sizzlers
Opposite Burjuman, Trade Center Road

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