More of Alexandria and First Glimpse of the Pyramids

25 September 2010

After a hearty breakfast, we went out of the hotel and did a quick last look around Alexandria before heading to Cairo at lunch time. We walk towards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and found a number of policemen roving around the area. We crossed the street, walked on the corniche side and saw that in one of the government buildings was a rally of sort. It was pretty scary and locals were looking at us weirdly. Probably because they saw me carrying a huge camera and thought that I’m a reporter or something? They started shouting at us, “no camera! no camera!”

We continued walking and passed by Muhammad Ali Square. No not the boxer, but the founder of modern Egypt.

Anyway, we’re looking for a specific mosque we saw while driving around the city the day before. But to no luck, we didn’t find it. Instead, we found ourselves standing next to (if I remember it right) St. Michael’s Evangelical Church and St. Catherine’s Greek Orthodox Church. Lovely details!

The latter was our personal favorite because of its amazing and overwhelming beauty. And when I said amazing, I meant we’re so amazed we couldn’t mumble a thing in awe. Before leaving the church, we dropped 2 Egyptian pounds to light candles on the sand-filled basin.

More interesting stuff on our way back to the hotel. Dunno if this tram/train is still working.

Yellow cabs

After a lot of walking and getting lost, we decided to have an assab break and then off we went to the hotel to check out. Our driver, Mahmoud, came in late because he had to drive all the way from Cairo. We were brought to the Egyptian capital via Chrysler, sosyal lang! and took us about  3 hours approximately.

We reached Cairo around 4 in the afternoon and whilst driving us to the hotel, my eyes grew big when I saw those triangular-shaped monuments peeping from the buildings–yes, it’s the Great Pyramid of Giza! I felt excited, and happy, and a little teary eyed upon seeing it.

Capped the day off with a dinner cruise by the Nile River. T’was pretty much like Dubai’s dhow cruise with buffet and cultural performances.

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