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    Our time in Cairo was over so we had to move to another city. We’ll do it again by land but this time, not with a car but with a train. The idea was great as we were able to save both time (travel time might eat up a whole day if we’ll do it during daytime) and money (hotel accommodation).

    Cairo to Aswan by sleeper train

    Hours before our 10PM trip to Aswan, we were already in El Giza Station where we witnessed a mass of locals and tourists getting in and alighting from the train. This must be the best way to travel from one city to another.

    Cairo to Aswan by sleeper train

    Cairo to Aswan by sleeper train

    Our sleeper car arrived just in time and a butler of sorts came and brought us to our cabin. I say this was far from what I expected–the cabin’s clean and spacious enough for two. It was a habit for me to inspect what’s around me, especially that it’s my first time to travel with this kind of train.

    Here’s a peek of what’s inside: there are two seats that can be converted into a bunk bed! For a few seconds we had to figure out how that works and we were ecstatic when we learned how. We wanted to dive on our beds but a knock stopped us–our butler just brought our dinner! That slit below the window is where you insert a board that will act as your little dining table. Beside is a trash bin. Sorry if our seats/beds looked messy, we just threw our stuff out because we were damn tired.

    Cairo to Aswan by sleeper train


    Anyway, on to more cool stuff our cabin has to offer. There’s a big cabinet next to the window that transforms to a vanity area/sink when opened. We have towels and a few toiletries inside.

    Cairo to Aswan by sleeper train

    After freshening up, we tried to sleep but the sound of the engine’s keeping us awake. A few reads helped to lull us to sleep though. We have a nice “lamp” beside our bed. Around 7 or 8 in the morning, we had another knock–the butler just delivered our breakfast.

    The first few hours of that morning was fun. We dug on our books and stole some more nap, but after a while we felt bored. The view from our window wasn’t that interesting after seeing it for a loooong time–trees, fields and more trees and fields. We passed by a few cities and had brief stops, but still we found the travel too long and dull.

    Cairo to Aswan by sleeper train


    At 9-ish, we were expecting to arrive at Aswan, arranged our stuff and really dying to get out, only to found out that our stop is still 2-3 hours away. The trip was delayed!

    Cairo to Aswan by sleeper train


    Oh, if you’re asking about the toilet, well, I didn’t have a look at them. Yes, for 14 grueling hours I had to hold all the liquids I can. My boyf checked it out for me and came back almost puking for the toilets undesirable/unacceptable state. Ugh.

    Cairo to Aswan by sleeper train


    Come lunch time, finally we were in our destination. I am saddened by the train’s inefficiency but we were told that this delays happen very rarely. Without thinking about that matter, I say it’s comfortable and safe, just be ready and “brave” enough when nature calls. :p


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