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    It has been a year (and n days) since I went home to Manila and the homesickness, after all these years that I’m away, still drives me mad. What better way to somehow ease the longing for the Philippines than dine in Jollibee? That one fast food chain I found synonymous with the sound of home.

    I grew up a Jollikid so imagine my delight, some 4 years ago, when I knew that there’s a Jollibee here in Dubai–only to be disappointed because of the huge difference in taste and ambiance. I can do better spaghetti than what they offer and Chicken Joy served with buns isn’t really appealing.

    Hearing the news from friends in Doha that their version of Jollibee is, if not the same, so close to the authentic one, made me gaga about checking it out. So yeah, you’re reading it right; I flew out to Qatar for a feast of the ultimate comfort food!

    Jollibee Doha

    In an area called Mansoura, a small supermarket named Al Meera Mall houses the highlight of my trip. I was beaming a very wide smile at the sight of the red-and-yellow bee mascot. Located just above KFC, I climbed the narrow stairs to Jollibee.

    Jollibee Doha

    Jollibee Doha

    The interior of the small joint is reminiscent to the ones back home (minus the LED TV showing TFC). The crews are in blue uniforms and some of them wearing Jollibee caps. And the menu, oh the menu, looking at them made me starve! It made me hungry though I just had a heavy meal a few hours ago.

    Jollibee Doha

    Jollibee Doha

    Jollibee Doha

    Whilst waiting for my food, one woman approached me and offered me chicharon and salted eggs. And though I refused to buy from her, she sat beside me, to my horror, and stayed there while “selling” her stuff to fellow diners. Ugh.

    Anyway, on to getting our orders! Of course, I had my favorite Jollibee spaghetti, which I had two servings. I could take another serving but it’s gluttony already. Hah! The yellowish pasta and the sauce, ohh, I almost cried out of joy. If only there’s no stranger sitting beside me, I could’ve expressed my happiness more than just the “mmmmm”s. On the other hand, boyf had Chicken Joy and yes it brought us so much joooy! And oh the unlimited hot gravy was such a delight! Huhuhu, it’s so good! Our travel to Doha was so much worth it because of this meal. Although I’d say that I think the price for each meal is a little overpriced (or maybe the prices back home has really gone up)

    Jollibee Doha

    Jolly spaghetti inside a burger steak box

    Jollibee Doha
    Jollibee Doha

    The following day, we went back to Jollibee for yet another two servings of Jolly spaghetti for me plus a regular Yum and Spicy Chicken Joy for boyf. We took a box of 6 fried chickens to Dubai and a cup of gravy – that we are so lucky it wasn’t questioned or anything in the airport.

    Writing this entry made me crave for another Jollibee meal. Grr I should stop now. Anyone got a recipe of Jollibee spaghetti, please comment below or send me a message, pretty please. ;)


    Mezzanine Unit 2 Al Meera Mall, Al Arab Street corner Aasim Bin Omar Street Al Mansoura, Doha, Qatar
    +974 421 5389


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