What I Did Last Eid

Back in the sand pit! After months of hiatus, I am back with a suitcase full of new experiences and photographs, of course! The past few weeks were kind of busy making plans and seeing those plans come to life! Before I get into more detail, here’s where I spent the last Eid holiday.

Greece 2013-0086

White buildings and blue domes – it’s pretty easy to guess where in the world I’ve been. This is from Pyrgos, a quaint town from the island of Santorini, Greece.

Greece 2013-0317

Still in Santorini, we hiked up to Oia for its much hyped sunset. People gave it (the sunset) a round of applause – like it was some good show.

Greece 2013-0479

The maidens of Erechtheion! I was really looking forward to see them than the more popular, not to mention, always still-under-restoration, Parthenon. Brushing up my history of architecture!

Greece 2013-0708

A day trip to the Delphic oracle which boasts more than just an inclusion to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Mount Parnassus on the backdrop is such a treat!

Greece 2013-0906

We were lucky that we visited Athens at a time when there were no protests/rallies. Swung by the Parliament to watch the changing of guards.

Greece 2013-01

The Corinthian capitals of the Temple of Olympian Zeus is so adorable! Need I say more?

So there, I spent days walking under the mighty Greek sun, getting lost in its narrow streets, exploring its ruins while at the same time feeling overwhelmed with what great cradle of civilization the country is. It was waaaay hot but when I checked out my photographs, the sunburn is all worth it.

These and more in the next blog entries!

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