Satisfying the Moussaka Craving

It has been two months since we went to Greece but the taste of its lovely cuisine still lingers in my palate. Last week I had a really bad craving for moussaka. And every time I get to see my photo stash of Greece, particularly the ones I was grinning from ear to ear with a plate of moussaka goodness on my hand doubles the agony.

Let me tell you the story on how I was introduced to that Greek dish. As we were making rounds around Fira searching for a taverna to have dinner, we chanced upon one in a busy narrow street. My attention was caught by a small dish on a brown ceramic pot – it seemed baked as the cheese atop it was melted. I ordered that without having any idea what was it made of. Turns out it was a layer of eggplant, potato and minced meat, then topped with bechamel sauce and baked to perfection. Absolutely mouth-watering.

Elia Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai-8

Elia Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai-7

Fast forward to last week, I badly need to satisfy thy craving so we looked for the nearest decent Greek restaurant and found Elia, located in Majestic Hotel in Bur Dubai. I didn’t know that it’s a 4-star hotel (which reminds me to never judge a hotel by its facade) and was really surprised by the way the interiors look. We took the elevator to the Health Club level and voila, what a lovely place to have dinner!

So sorry that the quality of my photos couldn’t give any justice for the charm of the restaurant. I had to use my phone as my camera just died before we started dinner. Ugh.

Elia Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai-1

Elia Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai-2

Elia Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai-4

We had some bread and an eggplant dip for appetizer which is absolutely a winner!

Elia Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai-3

The main course was served quite late but I’d say the wait was all worth it. Boyf had chicken souvlaki served with rice on a capsicum, uh-huh.

Elia Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai-6

And there goes my moussaka!! Looks and tastes like the real thang! It definitely satisfied my craving.

Elia Majestic Hotel Bur Dubai-5

I’m not only recommending Elia for the authenticity of their cuisine, but also for its charming atmosphere coupled with nice service and affordability. It’s perfect for a romantic date night!


Majestic Hotel Tower, Mankhool Road, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 501 2666

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