Dinner at Little Bangkok Oud Metha

Early this year, when the weather was still bearable and I could easily walk my way to the office from home, I noticed a small construction on the strip of dining joints along 10th Street. A few weeks later, they changed the hoarding that gave everyone a hint of what’s coming up – a Thai restaurant! The moment I learned about it, I knew I will be hanging out there frequently (even in the presence of another Thai restaurant on the same block). True enough, since they opened a few months back, I’ve been coming in and out of its doors.

Little Bangkok is a small restaurant that could probably sit 30-40 people. Its interiors evoke a cozy feeling and its dimmed lighting adds more drama to the atmosphere. The exposed ceiling is adorned with native lamps on one side and colourful lanterns on the other. The walls are cladded with dark coloured wood and some orange wallpaper, if not with big ass photographs of Bangkok. The focal point of the room is the brightly-lit kitchen that invites everyone to witness all the action.

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Little Bangkok, obviously, offers a range of authentic Thai cuisine, from their appetizers, mains, dessert to drinks. I say authentic because the chefs are 100% Thais as pictured in their menus and as seen live from their busy kitchen. The menu presents a wide selection and as I inspect each one of the dishes, my mouth waters out of excitement.

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We shared a serving of Tofu Talay, fried mixed seafood wrapped in tofu skin, for starters. It tasted really good that even my sister who is picky with seafood and not a fan of tofu, agreed with me in saying so.

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The first time I ate in Little Bangkok, I had a hard time finishing my food. Servings are quite huge so we opted for two dishes to be shared by the three of us. We selected the chef recommended Guay Tiew Ped Yang, noodles topped with roasted duck and spring onions (it came with a soup that’s not in the photo) and…

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Khao pad sapparod, fried rice with chicken, shrimps, cashew and raisins plated in halved pineapple.

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We liked the sweetness of the roasted duck and its pretty salty soup provided just the right amount of contrast. The rice is also good although I’m not really a fan of the raisins and rice combo. And just as we thought that we ordered enough, we craved for more and decided to have a plate of Pad Thai! Because yes, a visit to any Thai restaurant without getting Pad Thai is a sin! I wouldn’t mind having their Pad Thai over and over again.

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They have an interesting selection of drinks. I’ve been recommended to try Tom Yum Cooler, iced lemongrass juice with lemon and lime leaf, and absolutely loved it – it’s just so perfect for this hot and sticky weather. Their Cha Manao, street-styled Thai iced tea, is also good although it’s too floral for my taste.

We sat by the glass window and this display of their best sellers are a hit marketing strategy. Most of the people who walk past by it would stop for a second or two to check out the presentation.

The restaurant crew is 95% Thai and that’s a big factor especially when selecting your food because they know the dishes by heart. And it adds more authenticity to the atmosphere. ;) Not only are they helpful and knowledgeable, but also friendly and are quick to serve my meal – that’s the number 1 turn on.

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As an overall rating, I would give Little Bangkok ten stars out of ten. Highly recommended and so worth it.

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If you walk straight from 19th Street, the road that leads to American Hospital, Little Bangkok is easy to spot on.


10th Street, Oud Metha, Dubai
800 2264565
12:00 to 23:00

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