Filipino Comfort Food at Delmon

The past few days, I noticed that the sun sets earlier than the usual. At 6, it’s almost dark. It’s getting comfortable to take long walks at night, too. The water from the tap isn’t boiling anymore. Ahhh, everyone’s most awaited season is coming close!!

For a weather like this, our best bet for dinner is Delmon Restaurant in Karama. This small joint is located in the heart of the bustling Karama Souq. Resembling a typical lugawan, except that it’s air-conditioned, Delmon will instantly take you back home. As we entered its glass door, the combined aroma of spring onion and garlic welcomed us.

Delmon Karama-5

In the menu is a list of our favorite Filipino comfort food – lumpiang shanghai (fried spring rolls), tokwa’t baka (tofu and beef chunks that comes with a vinegar and soy sauce dip), goto (beef tripe congee), chicken mami (chicken noodle soup), lomi (noodle soup with thick egg noodles), adobong manok (chicken cooked in soy sauce and vinegar), bistek Tagalog (Filipino beef steak), etc. Delmon also serves burgers and sandwiches for those who are not feeling too adventurous with Filipino cuisine.

Just recently, we made a trip to this joint and had pancit palabok (noodles with orange-coloured sauce with chicken and/or prawn and sliced hard boiled egg) and arrozcaldo (congee with chicken cooked with a ginger-y flavour, topped with hardboiled egg and fried garlic, YUMMY!!!). Whenever we dine here, we always add a serving of their hot pandesal (three pieces) that comes with butter. It goes perfectly well with congee and noodles, especially when it’s fresh and hot.

Delmon Karama-1

Delmon Karama-2

We also ordered a plate of okoy (deep fried shrimp with beansprouts). Dip it in vinegar with garlic, onion and chili – super delicious!

Delmon Karama-3

Delmon also offers a variety of Filipino sweets like rice cakes, yema (condensed milk candies) and turon (sweetened banana, wrapped and fried).

Delmon Karama-4

As usual, we went home full and satisfied. Whether you’re in for a Filipino treat or simply missing home, you will never go wrong with Delmon. ;)

Delmon Karama-6


Delmon Restaurant
G/F Al Kazim Building, Karama Souq, opposite Lulu, Karama, Dubai
04 336 9561

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