Friday Brunch at Nosh

Three heavy meals, a brunch, four cakes, two dozens of roses and nine balloons later, I’m finally wrapping up my twenty-seventh birthday celebration! The past week has been exhausting – all because of eating (and a good time – not to mention laughing our hearts out – with friends). Now, I’m finally able to blog! Let me start with the amazing Friday brunch we had at Nosh restaurant.

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-13

Tucked in the clusters of buildings in Jumeirah Lakes Towers is the five-star hotel Movenpick, and in it is a restaurant named Nosh. The restaurant lies on an axis with the hotel door so it was easy to spot as we entered. Nosh offers double brunch on Fridays, meaning they serve brunch twice in a day – one from 12:30PM to 3:30PM and another one at 6:30PM until 10:30PM. Last time I checked, brunch means breakfast and lunch and now here’s a restaurant that serves it later in the day? Shouldn’t it be called lupper instead? Or perhaps, lunchner? Haha, it sounded weirder but I think dinner buffet sounds more right. Anyway…

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-12

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-2

Upon entering the restaurant, we headed straight to the reception to get to our table. The dessert table located just across it caught my eye immediately and from then on, I’ve been looking forward to indulge on it. :p

While we are not food monsters who want to be seated next to the food counters, our seats are just too far, I can’t help but comment on it. Add to that, that we have to go up and down a series of steps on our way to and fro our table. Unless I want to go in and out of the restaurant to get to my seat. And imagine that with a big and heavy plate at hand…

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-3

The brunch offers a variety of international dishes. From where we were seated, we walked past the enticing dessert table, then to a selection of cheese and the roast/steak section. I almost didn’t notice it but there was a counter of different breads that seemed to look like a sad breakfast spread. There’s nothing much so I just skipped it.

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-5

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-9

Then, the starters counter with salads and some seafood. Across it are the mains – chicken, beef and fish dishes, creamed veggies (this one’s a hit!), some Indian fare, biryani and fried rice. Right next to it is a pasta live cooking station, sad and unmanned. There were a few servings of cooked pasta though. And then the sushi buffet which was also a crowd favorite. Outside is a grill that serves barbecue.

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-6

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-7

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-8

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-1

Everything tasted good; we had more helpings after our first plate. No matter how disappointed I was for the location of our table, I’m glad the food was excellent – after all that’s what we paid for.

On to the dessert table! I love almost everything but the banana cake stood out the most. Nosh also serves the signature Movenpick ice cream. Yummy!

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-4

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-10

Nosh - Movenpick JLT-11

Service-wise, we are happy customers. The staff was helpful and quick to take our empty plates (almost close to our CASAA ninjas haha!) Value for money – hell yeah, it was worth it.


Movenpick Hotel, Cluster A – Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 438 0000

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