Chinese New Year at Lan Kwai Fong Restaurant

Last Thursday, my colleagues and I planned of eating out for lunch break. The original plan is to dine at a Chinese restaurant nearby to celebrate the new year. We instantly thought of Spring Bamboo near Lamcy Plaza but when we got there, there’s a tourist bus parked in front of it. There’s an overwhelming number of guests inside so we figured we’d go to the restaurant next door instead. It also serves Chinese cuisine so why not, right?

Chinese New Year at Lan Kwai Fong-11

Lan Kwai Fong Peking Duck Restaurant (whew, that was long) it is! We were welcomed by four life-size Chinese soldiers on our left and a TimeOut Dubai plaque on the other side. The interior is pretty dull with a handful of diners but what really got our attention was the complimentary dessert table :p

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Chinese New Year at Lan Kwai Fong-9

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We had crispy beef in Cantonese sauce served in a crispy golden basket, tofu and seafood with black beans and two servings of vegetables and eggs fried rice. It was a feast for the four of us.

Chinese New Year at Lan Kwai Fong-7

Everything was delicious especially the crispy beef! It wasn’t too crispy but enough to give each bite a crunchy sound every now and then. The sauce was equally divine with just the right amount of sweetness and saltness and the edible basket made of crispy noodles was a nice creative touch. No wonder it’s a best seller. On the other hand, I didn’t expect that I’d like the tofu and seafood because I was never a fan of black beans. It was surprisingly yummy – the black beans weren’t bad after all.

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Chinese New Year at Lan Kwai Fong-3

Before we finished our meal, the chef came to us and gave us a complimentary bottle of iced tea. I wasn’t sure if t’was for the Chinese new year or if they really give out free drinks. The citrusy iced tea gave a refreshing feeling.

Now on to desserts! We took slices of fresh fruits and cakes from the complimentary dessert table. They also had hot mochi with mung bean filling served with a dark brown sauce. It doesn’t look too appetizing to me, but my friends liked it.

Chinese New Year at Lan Kwai Fong-1

As an overall rating, we love Lan Kwai Fong Restaurant for its delish and pocket friendly dishes. We’re sure we will return for another round of crispy beef good meal. ;)


Lan Kwai Fong Peking Duck Restaurant
Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 335 3680

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