The Fiancée Diaries: Sandstorm or Shine, The E-Session Must Go On

Last Saturday’s weather wasn’t ideal for a photo shoot but that didn’t stop us from pushing through our plans. We were up at around 4:30 in the morning. By 5:30, one of my friends worked on my makeup. Then at 7:30ish, we were all set.

ESession Downtown Dubai Bur Dubai Souq-10

We reached Downtown Dubai around 8, the sandstorm was still raging. We saw sand sweeping round and round on the streets. Our first stop was Souk Al Bahar. We thought of doing the shoot indoors but as we were setting up, one guy stopped us telling that we need to have a permit before doing so. But how come those people we know managed to take photographs without a permit? And c’mon, these are personal photographs; we’re not selling or making a business out of it. That guy who stopped us told that we weren’t allowed to take any photographs within Emaar properties. You gotta be kidding me. 

So off we went out, away from the eyes of that uptight Emaar guy and took photographs like what would normal tourists/residents do. Besides, there were a couple of people outside, taking photos of themselves, too.

Now here’s the problem, the sandstorm was really awful and as the day progressed, it becomes worse. The only positive thing about it though is that we could take advantage of the soft natural lighting. We had to scrape our original plans and improvise since we won’t be able to capture the shots we have in mind.

ESession Downtown Dubai Bur Dubai Souq-1

ESession Downtown Dubai Bur Dubai Souq-3

After brunch, we changed locations and tried if we can take some photographs in Burj Park. But the wind was blowing way too hard that we need to take refuge in the underground parking of the boulevard. Pretty interesting background, don’t you think? ;p

ESession Downtown Dubai Bur Dubai Souq-6

Still not satisfied, we moved to another place. Somewhere close to our hearts as we usually go on dates in this area. Plus it’s partially covered so we’ll be able to partially escape the sandstorm. Bur Dubai Souq it is! By this time, the weather was a little bit okay but our tired immortal bodies started feeling drained.

ESession Downtown Dubai Bur Dubai Souq-12

ESession Downtown Dubai Bur Dubai Souq-4

ESession Downtown Dubai Bur Dubai Souq-2

ESession Downtown Dubai Bur Dubai Souq-11

We wrapped up at 2ish, all tired but feeling accomplished. My heartfelt gratitude to my awesome and talented friends behind this shoot! Thank you for standing by us despite the awful weather. *sob

PS. Sorry if I only posted a few. I’m saving the best photos for the wedding. :)

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