Al Ghurair Center StreetCon 2015

I love how Dubai is brimming with artsy events the past few months. The creative community is definitely on a high! Last week, Al Ghurair Center kicked off the second year of Street Con (Street Art Connection). We were thrilled by this so we waited no further and checked it out last Saturday. Eeeek, sorry this post was so overdue!

AGCStreetCon 2015-3

Exhibits. Markets. Live artists. Community activities. So much fun!

AGCStreetCon 2015-6

AGCStreetCon 2015-5

AGCStreetCon 2015-25


AGCStreetCon 2015-22


When we arrived around 4 in the afternoon, we had a glimpse of artists doing what they do best. Making art in action! I was so fascinated with Kobra, the artist behind this big mural that spans almost the whole facade of this building. It’s no easy to make an artwork without seeing the bigger picture.

AGCStreetCon 2015-1


3D Floor Art is becoming a fad these days…AGCStreetCon 2015-2


The Neon Room by Matt Ryder, is a narrow and dark room located in the Sand Pit. The illustrations painted on the black wall illuminate through the help of UV lights.AGCStreetCon 2015-21


More of the Sand Pit… There were a couple of interesting stuff going on – a mold display workshop (lower left), an exhibit of painted skateboards and dancers busting the moves. We were happy spectators from the second level.

AGCStreetCon 2015-7

Come night time, a proper dance showdown went on. There were even bouncers securing the entrance to this small area. The vibe was so energetic as the enthusiastic crowd cheers on the break dancers.AGCStreetCon 2015-20

AGCStreetCon 2015-19


In the open car park, African drummers from Dubai Drums taught kids and adults how to play the djembe. There were also food stalls and truck for the hungry.AGCStreetCon 2015-8

The highlight of the art event, for us, is the huge inflatable installation called Miracoco. Designed by Alan Parkinson of Architects of Air, the luminarium boasts paths and nooks with an interesting use and play of light. It is an experience not to miss! There’s a 20AED fee but, totally worth my money. It’s somewhere you can bring your kids to!

AGCStreetCon 2015-17

AGCStreetCon 2015-16

AGCStreetCon 2015-11

AGCStreetCon 2015-13

AGCStreetCon 2015-14

AGCStreetCon 2015-15

AGCStreetCon 2015-9

AGC Street Con will run until Saturday, the 2nd. Don’t miss the fun!

TIP: Grab a map to better orient yourselves as the artworks/activities were scattered all over the place.

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