Photoblog: Meet d3 at Dubai Design District

I remember the first time I learned about Dubai Design District. Its name caught my attention in a jiffy and since then, I have been sort of following the status of its construction. Few of my friends’ (in the design field) offices are going to move to d3, which makes me envious of them in so many levels. Although I have been trying (so hard!!!) to make my magic work on my boss to convince him to suggest to the management that we move to d3… but still, nada.

Anyway, when I heard the news about Meet d3, I excitedly emailed my friends about it! Alas, last weekend (2-4 April), Dubai Design District finally opened its doors for a three-day community event featuring art, fashion, food and music.

We went on the last day, Saturday, at 5:00PM. The area covered by Meetd3 wasn’t much but we stayed there for 5 straight hours and still, we can’t get enough. I can’t stress it further but it’s the best design event we’ve been so far!

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-5

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-3

OBEY guys live-pasting the fourth graphic on their mural.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-8

Giant chalkboard on a faux lawn for the kids and kids-at-heart to scribble on

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-18

Wink Space is a contraption designed and constructed by architects from Japan. I couldn’t find the words to explain what really it is but it was cool to be inside.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-20

This shade cum light installation was rad! We played with the controls (the screen on the left) to lit up those diamond pieces with different colors.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-19

Laser projections shooting up to the Dubai sky

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-21

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-11

There’s always a room for the fashionable. Resid3nt curated lovely pieces from various designers across the Gulf . While it wasn’t really my thing to indulge on such things, I found the shop’s concept fresh and funky.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-15

Amongst Few’s space was edgy…

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-17

…while the Not Just A Label pavilion was clean and sleek in white.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-14

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-7

Silsal Design House was so Pinterest-worthy! The feel, the palette  and the home collection were all so pretty, I want to take everything home.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-12

These pieces of furniture designed by Superstudio were a crowd favorite, everyone patiently waited for their turn to go topsy turvy on these chairs.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-10

Red lighting and festive music took over this restaurant/bar pop-up called Andy Wahloo

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-13

The stage, oh the stage! We loved how the lights and projections amped up the performances by several artists. It made the mood livelier.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-9

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-22

And then there was food. Lots of them. It’s as if food trucks across the emirate congregated here and served delicious street food.

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-1

The Buddha eyes and colorful details in Moti Roti’s blue green truck was such a scene stealer!

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-6

Mexican Churros El Jefe has taken d3 by storm. Almost everyone lined up in front of their truck, us included!

Meet D3 Dubai Design District-16

Oh how we love Meet d3! It was indeed a good way to cap the weekend. This makes me excited of what Dubai Design District will become when it’s all done. We can’t wait!

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