The Geek and The Fan Girl at Comicave Dubai

While discussing about Comic Con the other day, one of my colleagues showed me a set of very cool photos of this new shop in town. I thought of bringing the fiancé there and surprise him that such a place exists. That same day, just randomly, while driving home from our Easter dinner date, I asked my fiancé if we can go to Dubai Outlet Mall. He didn’t look convinced so I eventually spilled the beans… there’s a comic-book-slash-toy-shop–slash-heaven-for-geeks-like-you in Dubai Outlet Mall! So without thinking twice, we changed lanes and the next thing I knew, we were running 120kph on Dubai-Al Ain Road!

We reached Dubai Outlet Mall in no time and up we went to Comicave. The store boasts an impressive assortment of comic books, toys and collectibles that when put together, can really work as a museum of all things geekoid!

At the store’s entrance, we were greeted by a life-size Incredible Hulk and a replica of Thor’s hammer.

Comicave Dubai-1

Beside him was Star Wars’ Darth Malgus and Han Solo.Comicave Dubai-15

We entered a room that kinda resembles a space ship and found impressively detailed Star Wars stuff inside. A scaled cross-sectioned model of the Death Star ship sits right in the middle.

Comicave Dubai-14

Hello there, stormtrooper!Comicave Dubai-13

On the left are shelves of anime and manga toys. I was reunited with my childhood favorite Sailormoon and her fellow sailor soldiers. Plus, Doraemon, Dragon Ball Z and Mask Rider!

Comicave Dubai-12

Comicave Dubai-11

Next to it was an assortment of manga books. I had a lot of fond memories with manga/anime characters as I grew up drawing them and seeing them on TV. Found a couple of Naruto and Neon Genesis Evangelion from the shelf!

Comicave Dubai-8

Right in the middle of the store are more toys/action figures. I actually got tired looking at them all because there were so much of them.

Comicave Dubai-10

Life size Batman manning at the corner. At this point, everything turns American.

Comicave Dubai-9

Racks after racks of comic books were on the left side of the superstore. DC, Marvel, Vertigo, Dark Horse, name it they have it! (I think!) So tempted to buy The Walking Dead comics!

Comicave Dubai-4

Comicave Dubai-7

More The Walking Dead stuff for the fan girl…

Comicave Dubai-5

Comicave Dubai-6


Comicave Dubai-3

And the cherry on top is this Iron Man wardrobe!!! My brain just exploded!

Comicave Dubai-2

Comicave is located at the first floor of Dubai Outlet Mall, in the dome area.

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