A Bigger (and Better) Pantry Café at Bay Square

Bay Square is slowly becoming a haven of good eats in town. More and more cafes and restaurants are starting to pop up, the latest of which is Pantry Café’s new branch.

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Located at the ground floor of Building 6, the café rocks a modern industrial interior. Think of red brick walls, exposed ceiling, wooden floors, and glass windows with steel accents. Voss glass bottles in yellow and black plastic crates adorn the ceilings and walls. Mmm, Pinterest-ing!

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We started off with three varieties of breakfast sandwiches. The Savoury Mushroom Waffle has a waffle base topped with creamy mushrooms, feta cheese, tomatoes and balsamic reduction that make a delicious combination. It is an instant favorite in our group, while the spicy chipotle in the Smokey Tomato Scramble has an irresistible kick that makes you crave for more. The Open Eggplant Sandwich plays with texture – the multi-seed bread, ricotta, sriracha and rockets with roasted red pepper and tomato.

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Shakshouka was served next. It was a red-sauced egg dish served in a small pan. What a pretty presentation and an unexpected taste, too! The herbs and the tomatoes create a fantastic combination, while the freshly baked breads make a good neutralizer to the savory dish. It’s Pantry Café’s best seller.

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We closed off breakfast and began lunch with Baked Brie. While I like cheese, I want them shredded and not as a block. But I was wrong to judge this dish by my own preference in cheese presentation. It was surprisingly good, although a tad salty. Goes well with crostini, I’d say.

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Green Tea Noodles with Smoked Salmon came next. What I like the most about this is the balance of taste – lightly seasoned noodles and salty salmon. My palate was searching for the green tea taste in the noodles though, but didn’t get any hint of it.

Together with the noodles was the Kataifi Prawns. I first saw these in Pantry Café’s Facebook Page and wondered how it would fare. Well, it certainly did not disappoint! The fried coating has a nice texture that makes a good introduction to the wonderful prawn inside.

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We were served Mexican Chicken after. The fresh chicken was sitting in a yellowish sauce, wrapped with herbs and spices and topped with avocado. I didn’t get to finish the small piece I took because the taste was too strong for my palate.
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Sliders up next! On the left is Wagyu Slider and the other one is Quinoa Slider. I feel the first one is like any normal wagyu burger. Quinoa, on the other hand was quite weird for me. It’s a healthier option though.

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Wrapping up the savory mains was the Pizza that was served for everyone to share.

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We were all full for the hearty brunch and the idea of having dessert was completely off our heads. But when the Dessert Sampler arrived, I knew I NEED to have a taste of each one of them. Coz, really, how can you say no to these?

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Churros were good but we feel the sauce that came with it wasn’t enough. The Lemon Curd Shortbread has a good sweet and sour combo while the Chocolate Cake was like any normal, moist chocolate cake. The Cheesecake stood out the most. The texture and taste make it a winner!

We were taken good care by the staff and we have nothing but good words for Pantry Café – definitely recommended!

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Pantry Cafe
G/F Building 6 Bay Square, Dubai, UAE
04 558 7161

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