Circle Café’s New Menu

Few weeks ago, I was invited over Circle Café’s newly opened branch in Business Bay to try out their new menu. It has been around Dubai for a couple of years bringing simple, fresh and casual dining.

Circle Cafe Business Bay-13

I have dined with them years before but wasn’t able to blog about it (sorry!). And much like their other cafés, this new branch features Circle Café’s signature white interiors and clean, simple and chic furnishings.

Circle Cafe Business Bay-7

Before we started, we had a chat with the founders and they told us Circle Café’s humble beginnings. They have drawn inspiration from the café culture in Europe and the bagels of New York (they import their bagels from NY!) and thought of bringing them both to Dubai. I wouldn’t say how successful this venture has become, just look at their growing number of branches.

Our dinner started off with Bagel Chips with Tarama Truffle. While I wasn’t aware what tarama really is, I liked the surprise given by each time I much on the chips. There’s a tinge of fish in the flavor and the saltiness was kept to a minimum. Whether with a dip or not, the bagel chips on itself is awesome.

Circle Cafe Business Bay-1

Then came three salads – Circle Greek Salad (olives, tomato, cucumber and feta cheese with olive oil dressing),Circle Cafe Business Bay-4

Circle Crab Salad (lettuce, crab meat and cherry tomatoes tossed with a citrusy dressing) Circle Cafe Business Bay-3and Whole Wheat Salmon Pasta (whole wheat pasta with chunks of salmon, smothered with olive oil). The three of them tasted excellent but my taste buds loved the crab salad the most!
Circle Cafe Business Bay-2

Of course, we were treated with Bagels! There were three types served but unfortunately, I missed getting their names. I had the one with crab anyway and it was divine! The fresh crab sandwiched between the soft and thick bread and a kick of spice somewhere made the crab bagel a must-try.

Circle Cafe Business Bay-6

The mains arrived shortly after and it was a meat feast! There’s Circle Lamb Kofta with Vegetable Couscous – three sticks of grilled minced lamb with mildly spiced couscous and salads on the side,

Circle Cafe Business Bay-9Entrecote with Risotto – sirloin steak and a creamy rice dish,

Circle Cafe Business Bay-8 and Corn Fed Baby Chicken with Polenta – grilled chicken served with a creamy mush of cornmeal. The chicken was a standout! I loved the freshness plus the incredible mix of herbs and spices. The chicken and polenta made a nice combination.

Circle Cafe Business Bay-10The others came out good, too. Except that the entrecote was a little hard to chew. I washed everything off with their (unlimited) fresh Watermelon Juice.

It was a good-dinner-slash-tasting-session and hats off to Circle Café for the awesome food (as always!) and expanding their business. Head over this link to check which branch is nearest to you.

Circle Café
Building 7, Bay Square, Business Bay
04 5521403

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  1. Nice images. I absolutely love their new salads too! I was to try their Crab bagels next time. By the way, the link is not working :(

    1. Hi Carlisle! I checked the link and it’s working. You don’t need to do a right click as that’s disabled. Just click on the link and it will open in a new window. :) And the crab bagels, oh you gotta try that!!

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