Moroccan Iftar at Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre

With Ramadan coming in barely a month’s time, there have been a number of Pre-Ramadan iftars going on around town. We were honored to grace Medley Restaurant’s iftar preview last week. The same dining spot that brought us Little Suzie’s Diner transforms to an elegant space featuring pan-Arabian cuisine with a Moroccan twist as prepared by Executive Chef Andreas and Chef Mama.

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-18

We made our way to Medley whose receiving area was adorned with colorful Arabic lanterns. En route to our seat, we passed by mouth-watering dishes presented with an impressive styling.

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-9

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-1

To start the breaking of the fast was this counter of platters of dates, nuts and dried fruits.

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-12

Like any traditional Arabic buffet, spreads of salad greens (cucumbers, rockets, carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc), Arabic salad (hummus, stuffed vine leaves, tabbouleh, etc), cheese and pickles (feta, halloumi, labneh, olives and the list goes on) are present.

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-14

While checking on what else is served, the mains instantly caught my attention. The aroma of fresh cooked dishes made me not wait further to see everything else. I grabbed a plate and scooped a spoonful of Safa Mardoma, Chicken Tajin and Fish Kofta. There was a party in my mouth as I take a bite on the kofta. It was superb! The sweet vermicelli rice balances of the savory chicken dish.

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-10

We went off to try the rest of the mains. The Seafood Pastila is a star! My fiancé raved about the shawarma – he was making an ‘Mmmmm’ sound in every bite, declaring each time that it was the most flavorful shawarma he has ever tasted. He also liked the lamb and commented that it was tender and very Arabic. Lol

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-15

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-11

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-13

There were a lot more served in the iftar but as much as I wanted to try everything, my mind was set to dig in the sweets section. After three two rounds in the mains (shhh), I walked my way to the dessert counter! There were two sections where desserts are served. The first one is a selection of international desserts and assorted fresh fruits.

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-8

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-2

The second one, and the best part of the iftar buffet, is the Arabic dessert spread. Located in a secluded section on the restaurant where the table sits right smack in the center of an empty “room”. The elegantly styled dessert station has favorite Arabic desserts such as mixed baklava (currently salivating as I type), kunafa, mamoul, halwa, Moroccan sweets, etc. The strawberries hanging from an artificial tree next to the chocolate fountain is something not to be missed!
Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-7

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-6

Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-4

But wait, there’s more! I had my right hand doodled by the henna ladies on the mehndi section of the restaurant. This added a more Arabic touch to the iftar. Lovely!
Medley Pullman DCC - Moroccan Iftar-17

Iftar at Medley Restaurant
From 7:00PM to 11:00PM

115AED per person (when booked before June 5)

70AED for kids between 6 to 12 years old
FREE for kids under 6

Groups of 10 People or More
135 AED per person (for 10 to 20 guests)
125AED per person (for 20 to 50 guests)
115AED per person (for 50 guests or more)

Suhoor at Medley Restaurant
From 1:00AM until sunrise

120AED per person
70AED for kids between 6 to 12 years old


Pullman Dubai Deira City Centre, Dubai, UAE
04 603 8201 (Reservations)

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