Rasa Sayang: Of Malaysian Food and Dinosaurs (?!)

The day Rasa Sayang, a Malaysian restaurant, opened in our ‘hood last April, we were one of the first customers who entered their doors. We were excited diners that we came hours earlier before they officially open that day. Ooops! Can you blame us if there’s a big “We’re Open” sign outside so we thought they’re actually serving? Anyway, we returned the following day, an hour after they opened for the day. And to be sure, we rang them for confirmation. Never make the same mistakes again!

Rasa Sayang Oud Metha Dubai-4

The restaurant’s look is simple and straightforward; slightly telling me, “you came here for food, so check out the food and not the interiors”. :p

Rasa Sayang Oud Metha Dubai-9

We went over the menu and decided to get the chef’s recommended dishes. To our dismay, they were all sold out in a matter of an hour and a half since they operated that day! How can that possibly happen?! Too bad, we were craving Nasi Goreng badly then. Good thing Milo Dinosaur was available, or else I have walked outta door. It’s basically a glass of Milo with ice, topped with whipped cream sprinkled with Milo powder. I had no idea why it was named like that (dinosaur) but this Wikipedia link should shed some light to the curious. I loved this drink! Reminded me of summer breaks circa 1990s.

Rasa Sayang Oud Metha Dubai-1

We almost waited for a lifetime an hour before the mains arrived and when they finally did, boy we did not mind the long wait at all. They were delivered to our table, sizzling and freshly cooked. Kuey Teow Goreng was divine! This dish was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of sweet, salty and spicy. While the noodle was oozing with flavor, the Nasi Goreng Kampung (another nasi goreng variant), on the other hand, was light in taste. The fried anchovies gave texture and the prawn crackers were great – they were super fresh! No wonder, coz they made these fresh from their kitchen. Very good!

Rasa Sayang Oud Metha Dubai-2
Kuey Teow Goreng
Rasa Sayang Oud Metha Dubai-3
Nasi Goreng Kampung

The following week, we returned for dinner and just like the last time we visited, the best sellers were unavailable! Still! We settled with Nasi Lemak, fried chicken thigh with coconut rice and Ikan Goreng, pan-fried hammour with sweet and sour sauce. These were more than enough for the three of us, but we finished both up to the last grain of rice.

Rasa Sayang Oud Metha Dubai-5
Nasi Lemak
Rasa Sayang Oud Metha Dubai-7
Ikan Goreng

We also tried Sirap Laici and Teh O’ Ais Laici. They used fresh lychee and these worked incredible as drinks. Very refreshing.

Rasa Sayang Oud Metha Dubai-6

Superb food and drinks plus friendly staff. I wouldn’t mind dining to Rasa Sayang every week but I hope they improve on serving the food a little quick.


Rasa Sayang
Oud Metha Buliding, Next to Malaysia Centre, Umm Hurair Road, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE
050 590 2257

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