Trying Out Korean Cuisine at Gangnam Restaurant

Before trying out Gangnam Korean Restaurant, our knowledge on Korean food was limited to kimchi, bibimbap and bulgogi (we just know the names yet we don’t know what they really are!) And Kimchikin’s chicken, too, if that’s counted as Korean. :p So, we two curious hungry munchkins tiptoed our way to this new Korean restaurant in the ‘hood that opened a few months ago.

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Gangnam Korean Restaurant Oud Metha-1

Gangnam Restaurant is located on the corner of Streets 17A and 4th in Oud Metha, a few strides away from Lamcy Plaza. The restaurant was glassed all around with a white-lit sign on top. Inside, was a simple and no-fuss interiors, with distinct blue lights on top of each table. We sat on the corner table – with (smoking) rooms across us.

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The cheerful server gave us the menu and after getting no orders from us in the next 5 minutes, she gleefully explained to us the dishes we might actually like. The guys in the room across us were having meats grilled on top of their tables. That looked interesting so we asked for the same dish and added a serving of fried rice to go with it.

She later returned with small plates of appetizers. The variety looked interesting – lots of colors, different textures and distinctive tastes! We had kimchi (fermented vegetables, usually cabbage, radish, etc), fried fish, vegetables with cold cuts, tofu strips and salad . It was a feast! I felt that in those appetizers alone, we could happily go home with a full tummy.

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The mains later arrived, a serving of fried rice with a sunny side up egg on top and a plate of uncooked beef topped with sesame seeds and spring onions. The cheerful server prepared the table, turned on the stove and cooked our beef strips. Few minutes later, our yummy beef bulgogi was done. We enjoyed the freshly cooked beef as well as the delicious (and heavy) fried rice.

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Gangnam Korean Restaurant Oud Metha-9

Korean food, in general, is expensive, according to my Korean colleague. But in Gangnam, we really get what we paid for. Plus, the staff was really friendly and helpful and not to mention, fast, too.


Gangnam Restaurant
4th Street corner 17A Street, Near Lamcy Plaza, Across Sunrise Supermarket, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE
04 449 8519

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