Wadi Rum Jeep Tour

Our little adventure in Wadi Rum continues as we embark on a three-hour jeep tour on its red sand glory. One of the guys from our camp drove us around on his trusted pick up truck, refurbished to accommodate 2 to 4 persons on its cargo bed. With low bars on both sides and no seatbelts (!), we zoomed our way in between huge rock formations, on the vast red colored sand and under the shade of towering red sandstones.

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-3
Wadi Rum’s landscape is dotted with big ass sandstones wild desert plants

It was hella fun – the sun glimmering on my face and my hair getting tangled by the air, while the bumpy ride made my soul get in and out of my mortal body. The sound of our pick up, together with the rest of the jeeps adds up to the adrenaline. It was like I’m in a mosh pit at a rock concert.

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-8
“Jeep” convoy

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-9

Sand Dunes

Before I pass out from getting too shaken, we stopped on the foot of a high sand dune. The driver encouraged us to climb to the top and admire the vastness of the desert from above as he hang out with the rest of the drivers for a cig or two. This activity required a lot of legwork so as expected, I was left standing in the middle of the dune. Not even middle cause I barely made it to a third of its height. :p But from where I was standing, the view was indeed stunning. I love the feeling of the fine sand beneath my feet, too.

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-6

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-7

Nabatean Petroglyphs

Next, we drove to a rock that I thought was too ordinary, so why bother making a stop here? It was until we drew closer to it that we saw inscriptions on its surface – a caravan of Bedouins and camels. Now, that’s fascinating! This is just one out of the thousand petroglyphs found across the entire valley.

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-11

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-1

Middle of Nowhere

We moved ahead of the other jeeps and sooner or later we were the only one driving across the vast desert. It kind of made me scared at the thought of us, separated from the others. As we drove to a quiet (as if the area’s not silent enough!) and secluded canyon, where the only sound I hear was the echo of our ride’s machine, my fear somewhat escalated! And we stopped! Yes, right smack in God knows where, then we’re asked to go down!

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-2
A camel walking freely in the wild!
Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-5
Wait, is this Mars?!

“Walk down to that area, then after 45 minutes, I will pick you up.”

“No, we’re fine…”

“I will take my cigarette, then I’ll pick you up there. 45 minutes.”

“25 minutes.”

“OK, 25 minutes.”

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-13

We didn’t dare walk down far but as long as we can see our jeep, we walked further. It wasn’t until we realized the beauty of that secluded spot – how it can be romantic to trek the soft, glittering sand, my hand latched to his arm… We were surrounded with humongous rocks that we took delight hanging out on their shadows, shielding us from the harsh Jordanian sun.

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-14

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-4

Cliff with a View

As promised, our driver picked us up and what a sigh of relief it was. While the place was lovely, I didn’t want to be left all by ourselves there. Yeah, I’m getting too paranoid.
Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-12

Anyway, we headed to our next stop – a cliff with a sweeping view of (more of) the desert below.

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-16

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-15
Fiance walking to the edge of the cliff

Barrah Siq

What is a Wadi Rum trip without any Lawrence of Arabia reference? We swung by this rock with the carving of our hero’s face and of King Abdulla on the other side.

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-17
Hello, Lawrence!

Like the other hospitable Bedouins, the guy in the camp served us a cup of herbal tea. The Bedouin chatted with our driver for a few minutes as we lounged by the comfy seats. Few minutes later, we headed out only to find out that our time is up. Aw, so fast!

Wadi Rum - Jeep Tour-18

There is so much to see in Wadi Rum and we barely scratched the surface in three hours. I was hoping to see Lawrence’s House and the Rock Bridges but the time we had is not sufficient to reach this part of the valley. Our entire Wadi Rum experience is one for the books and I wish we could come back sooner for a more in-depth tour of this red-cladded beauty.

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  1. Hi jane. can you please help me also about the itinerary for jordan. from wadi rum – petra and dead sea – king’s hi way and also how much is the fee for a driver? I will appreciate your reply. thanks

  2. tnx for the reply, jane. paki-email na lang (paudmiralles@gmail.com) ung IT mo re jordan trip. and baka pwede din pa-email ng requirements on getting a visa. thanks again.

  3. jane, pwede po ba mahingi ung itinerary mo abt jordan? saka po ung contact number nung driver/guide nyo. balak ko po kasi magtravel sa jordan this october. salamat po.

    1. Hi Paul! Thanks for reading my blog. We went with Jordan Select Tours (reservations@select.jo). Pwede mo ipa-customize yung tour mo based on what you want to see. Better book fast kasi pag mas malapit na sa date of travel, nagtataas din ang price.

      I can email you the itinerary if you want. Hope that helps! :)

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