Hot Pottin’ at Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb

I was a little apprehensive when one of our friends suggested “hot pot” for dinner. Hot soup on a Dubai summer? No, no, no. But then again, we conceded because how can you really say ‘no’ to something you haven’t tried.

So, the 4 of us went to Salahuddin Road in Muraqqabat. I call this the hot pot strip of Dubai for the overwhelming number of hot pot restaurants along the street. One of the famous is Xiao Wei Yang and apparently there are lots of Xiao Wei Yangs in town. I don’t know if these are branches or if one is different from the other. Perhaps it directly translates to hot pot or little lamb? Lol, IDK. But the one we went to is the Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb near the Salah Al Din metro station.

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-13

The façade is adorned with red Chinese lanterns and the Chinese theme continues to the inside. Our noses were in for a treat as we entered the doors. The smell kind of reminded me of Binondo area in Manila. As it’s a full house downstairs, we headed up to find a free table. For an uber late dinner (we were there around 10ish), to see the restaurant brimming with customers plus a number of Chinese guys dining in a plain, dark and lonely room means the food must be really, really good. But despite all of these, the 3 of us weren’t into the hot pot thing still.

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-2

Our friend initiated the ordering since we three first-timers have no idea what to get. While waiting for the food to come, we were brought to the condiments station. There’s an interesting variety of sauces like salt tofu, sesame, chili oil, leek, seafood, etc. Our little-lamb-expert friend made a nice concoction of garlic and sesame oil, chili sauce and chopped peanuts that everyone loved.

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-4

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-3

In no time, our food arrived! The server placed the nonspicy hotpot on top of an electric cooker fitted on our table. It came in the form of a cooking pot full of white broth with a variety of spices floating on it. Plates of thin slices of raw beef and chicken, shrimp, tofu, crabsticks, an assortment of meatballs, mushroom and noodles completed the ingredients.

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-5

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-6

When the broth started boiling, we poured everything to the pot and in no time, dinner is served!

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-8

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-11

We also added golden buns that are actually a plate of 6 packed-to-the-core buns with a condensed milk dip – so heavy!

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-9

The hot pot was amazingly gooooooood, tasty and filling! The condiments we made added oomph, especially the chili sauce. Ugh, I’m salivating at the moment. We three instantly became hot pot converts! I love everything about it – the soup that remained warm until we finished, the amazing variety of meats and veg that came with it and that particular meatball with a surprise center. Salivating once more.

Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot - Deira-10

To top it all off, we were served a plate of fresh and sweet slices of watermelon! Yum-yum!

I can’t wait to return on the colder months. But if someone wants to hangout for a soup on a hot Dubai summer, I’d say a big hell yes still!


Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb
Opposite Reef Mall, Salahuddin Road, Muraqqabat, Deira, Dubai, UAE
04 223 8999

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