The Fiancée Diaries: E-Session at Meteora in Tagaytay

Before I start, let me just tell you that since the wedding is less than 2 months to go, most of my recent posts will be about the wedding! Read at your own risk.

September is a tricky month to schedule an engagement shoot. Weather in the Philippines is erratic – sunny days make up for 30% of the days and the rest – it’s either with rain showers or worst, a typhoon.

With that in mind, we scraped off the outdoor shoot idea that we really wanted. You know, shots like walking in between tall grasses during golden hour and running in between fields of greens. Instead, we opted for a place where we could shoot indoors and outside.

Days were spent searching for a perfect place and then, we learned about Meteora, a decade old house owned by Dr. Joven Cuanang located along Ligaya Drive in Tagaytay. It has eye-catchy interiors and a small rustic garden – definitely one of my dream house’ pegs. We just found IT.

If you think I’ll be posting our engagement pics here, then sorry, I don’t have them yet :p Instead, I’m going to take you for a tour!

We drove through the steep and meandering Ligaya Drive and after taking numerous sharp curves, we found a small white concrete wall, signposted with a cursive Meteora written on a piece of wood. Small windows adorned the fence as if alluring everyone to go check out what’s inside. The timber bench seemed inviting, too! Heck even the weathered monoblock chair. There were 4 parking slots available, just enough for us and our 2 teams of wedding suppliers coming.

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-21
Took this photo and the following two below during sunset, when we’re about to leave

Through the small wooden gate and behind the whitewashed walls, on the road level, is a huge terrace that opens up to the sky and the gorgeous Taal Lake.

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-20

From there is a small steel-gated passageway guarded by Sabel, an almost human scale sculpture of an old lady inspired by the work of national artist, Ben Cab. We took the steps down, bordered with pink bougainvilleas on one side. We landed on a yet another big terrace, this time with a cobbled pavement forming a flower pattern in the middle.

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-17

To get in the house, we entered through the main door on the second level that opens up to a view of the lovely living room with 3-meterish high glass window-slash-doors. Backdropped by the lake, ahhh, the place is just so amazing!

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-6
Knock knock! The perfect door knob to this charming house

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-5

A railing-less flight of stairs lead to the entrance of two living rooms. On the right is the white and blue themed room receiving generous natural light. It has a lot of quirky decor that remind us of Pinto Art Museum’s photos we’ve seen online. No wonder because apparently, it’s owned by the same person.

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-18

The other on the left is a secluded and cozy one, with a TV set and a bigger sofa.

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-10

The rustic and Mediterranean two-level house has 2 lovely rooms – one on the second floor and another on the ground level. We chose the master’s bedroom in the upper floor as our prep room, for make-up and dressing. It has a huge balcony and a toilet and bath, too! The jacuzzi is located further inside with big glass windows for a “dip with a view”

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-15

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-9

Room number 2 is much smaller but with a vista of the pretty garden outside. Check out the ceiling’s beautiful painting (of probably Adam and Eve?)

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-16

The dining area is segregated to the kitchen by an arched walkway. It has a large dining set good for 8 people.

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-3

The kitchen’s design is so pinterest-ing! Plates of blue hues adorn the wall with wooden and blue utensils. The double sink faces a small curtained window with a view of the striking pink bougainvilleas outside – a beautiful contrast to the white and blue motif of the room. We loved it so much that we picked the kitchen as one of my portrait backdrop! And yes, the pretty patterned floor is not to be forgotten, too!

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-1

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-2
Excuse my feet but this is a really pretty floor!

I keep on telling about the view of Taal Lake because really, that’s one of the attractive features of this house. No wonder there’s a lot of decks to admire the surrounding from!

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-7
Just ONE of the MANY terraces of Meteora

The tiny garden, on the other side of the plot, accessible through the door on the other living room, has a little pond filled with lotus. It also has a nice variety of color and texture of plants making the small space so lovely. Then a white doorway pops from the lawn perfectly framing the green cliff. Ahhh, lovely!

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-12
This pond looks very tropical but still fits the rustic feel of the property
Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-13
I love how the house wasn’t repainted to a stark white. The greyish dabs add character and depth.
Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-8
View from the master bedroom’s window

We really love how Meteora is so small and yet with a lot of quirky and instagram-worthy nooks and crannies! The day we were there, it was so hot I was literally dripping with sweat – that kind of spoilt our day but overall it was a very nice stay/experience. To those who are asking, engagement shoots are priced at P10,000 for the use of the entire house from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-14
Lovely corner for portraits
Meteora - Ligaya Drive Tagaytay-11
Perfect spot for that “lean on your partner” shot

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