The Fiancée Diaries: Marriage Preparation Course at St. Mary’s Church Dubai

Long weekend had passed – shame I didn’t have anything new on the blog, even a single post. As usual, we’ve been on wedding errands mode again. We got to tick a couple of stuff from our list – one of which is obtaining the marriage preparation course certificate.

More than a requirement in a Catholic wedding, the marriage preparation course, also known to others as pre-Cana seminar is a class of sorts that educates and examines (kind of) engaged couples, touching on points like how to deal with issues the couple might encounter in their future years together, keeping the marriage strong and God-centered and raising a Christian family.

We attended the one conducted by St. Mary’s Church in Dubai. Normally, it’s done in days but in St. Mary’s, they have consolidated everything to a full day affair, from 8:30 in the morning until 5:00PM.

Marriage Prep Course_PreCana_Dubai-2

There were 8 topics covered – (1) ecclesiastical requirements, (2) family planning, (3) commitment, (4) conflict management, (5) effective communication, (6) finance, (7) sexuality and (8) spirituality.

All topics are actually engaging with long-time married couples speaking about each subject. Well, except the first session Fr. Chito, the Filipino resident priest, conducted and the second topic explained by a gynecologist.

Marriage Prep Course_PreCana_Dubai-3

Of all the points we have discussed, everybody, I think, related so much about the communication topic. Before starting the talk, we were given an activity where we faced our partners and held hands. We have to look at each other’s eyes and tell all the positive things you like about your partner. It’s a feel-good exercise that we are planning to do every once in a while. It sends the kilig and spark all over again, making me fall in love deeper with my husband-to-be.

At the end of the day, we received our freshly printed certificates! Catholic wedding requirements – all checked!!!

Marriage Prep Course_PreCana_Dubai-1

So that’s about it! If you’re getting married soon, brush off your “friends’ advices” about skipping and getting away with it the improper way (yes, sadly we have friends who did). A day learning more about your future spouse and being guided on how to live both of your lives the Christian way is so, so much worth it!

Marriage preparation course in St. Mary’s Church Dubai is usually held on the third Sunday of each month at the Mini Hall. Reserve your slot at the soonest because seats get filled up fast!

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    1. Hi Lisa, we didn’t give any speeches/presentations but there were activities like answering some questionnaires and discussing it with your partner or within a group.

  1. Hi po! I was looking for Filipina traveller here in Dubai to get some sort of advice/personal experience when it comes to travel ek-eks! Searched it in google and voila! I love your blog ate :) And advance best wishes po sa inyo ng iyong future hubby!

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