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We are constantly searching for lovely spots for our monthly breakfast dates and Cocoa Room instantly caught our attention upon seeing its lavish and über pretty food plating! Being a visual person, I am easily drawn to beautiful things – no matter where they are, no matter how tough it can be to see them. Or in this case, no matter how long we were asked to wait.

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-10
Waiting list

We’ve been shuffling back and forth The Galleria in Al Wasl for a few weekends already since we always came in too late to be given a table. Heck, we won’t even make it to the waiting list.

Cocoa Room serves breakfast from 8AM until 11AM and becomes Slider Station past this time. So when we visited last weekend, we came a little early (in our own vocabulary) at 9AM. But guess what, the restaurant was already chock full of diners! They took our names to the waiting list and told us to return in 40 minutes to an hour. We did come back an hour later and still had to linger for a couple of minutes before being ushered to a table.

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-9

Finally, at 10ish, we were escorted inside. The restaurant sports an industrial chic interior – dark tones, repurposed barrels and funky and geometric embellishments. We were seated at the farthest, in one of the couches with white marble tables. Atop is a set of nicely designed cutleries tucked neatly in a napkin, placed on top of an equally gorgeous small plate. I love these teeny tiny über pretty details!

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-11

It took them only a few minutes to serve our meal, way faster than the time we took checking out the menu! The menu, by the way, are mostly egg dishes, a couple of pancake and waffle varieties and baked goodies.

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-1

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-4
Drinks were served first

I chose the Roast Beef Benedict. It was actually ordered by the guy next to our table and it got me salivating so I “copied” his order. These benedicts were the best I’ve ever devoured! The roast beef was tender and the biscuit was soft as well. Oozing with taste, the blend of cheese and bbq and buffalo sauce were amazing! The mesclun salad was fab, too! I swore I could get another serving!

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-8

The fiancé had a helping of Migas – a Tex-mex dish made up of scrambled eggs, beef chorizo, fried tortilla, chili peppers, tomatoes, refried beans and jack cheese. On the side was a fresh flour tortilla to wrap the egg-y goodness with. We were warned that this dish is spicy, but it was that kick that made it all the more interesting. We were both impressed!

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-7

He gobbled the Migas down with a delicious cup of Café Latte.

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-3

Of course, a visit to the Cocoa Room will not be complete without trying out the mouth-watering Salted Caramel & Burnt Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. It’s so pretty to look at but wait until you get to the best part! Very delicious! It felt like floating in a gooey and chocolatey world! The amount of marshmallows in my cup was so overwhelming that every time I dare attempt drinking, they fall down to my nose, lol. But seriously, the hot chocolate and caramel was a match made in heaven!

Looking at how much I have eaten though made me feel guilty. It got me asking myself if I’d still fit in my gown! Haha!

Cocoa Room UAE - Galleria Mall Al Wasl-2
Isn’t it gorgeous? Isn’t it mouth-watering?!

The Cocoa Room, by far, is the best breakfast place we’ve dined in! Fantastic interiors and outstanding food! It was pretty costly though but it’s worth every single dirham spent! We will surely return to try the Oreo Midnight, Nutella French Toast, Wild Mushroom Benedict and Red Velvet Pancakes! (But most definitely, that will be after the wedding! :p)

Did I get you hungry? Then, check out Cocoa Room, we super-duper highly recommend it! Just make sure to be there early to score a table fast!


Cocoa Room
Slider Station, Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE
600 544 005

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