DXB-SIN-MNL: Onboard Singapore Airlines

Singapore has always been in our to-go list but its distance to Dubai discourages us to pay a visit. We’d rather be home than spend a few days in a country nearby the Philippines. Besides, we are cooking a Southeast Asia trip in the future so we figured to just include Singapore in our itinerary there. But then, December 2015, a flight to Manila happened via Singapore Airlines with an 18-hour layover. I guess we didn’t have to wait for a long time to get a glimpse of The Garden City after all.

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-8
Approaching Changi International Airport


Before booking plane tickets home, we always check fares with the airlines we wanted to try. Singapore Airlines is one of them but we always end up booking something else because it’s way over our budget. And then guess what, we found out that this airline offers the cheapest rate on our preferred date! 1890 AED, all-in, on a December trip – why the hell not?!


Singapore Airlines’ evening flights to Manila usually leave early at 6pm or 8pm. We always fly on the eve of our holiday so that means we had to get out of our offices early to make it on time. Flying time from Dubai to Singapore takes 7 hours, and from Singapore to Manila, another 3 and a half. Layovers last from 2 hours up to +/- 30. Earliest landing time in NAIA Terminal 3 just a little after lunch.

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-11


We were both amazed and “culture shocked” with Singapore Airlines’ punctuality. Imagine a boarding time that’s an hour early before the departure. The plane leaves on the dot, if not a few minutes early. That being said, we had lots of buzzer beater moments – hearing the final call for passengers while being faaaar from the boarding gate. Yikes!


As we walked on the aisle searching for our seats, we passed by the business class with awesome huge leather seats. Economy class passengers are treated with a bit smaller one but still, quite spacious. And I love how I can freely move my legs!

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-1
Business class seat – Singapore Airlines
Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-2
Ample of leg room for me! And just enough for the husband

Everyone was provided with a blanket, pillow and a small kit with dental stuff and socks.

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-6


Right after the flight took off, the attendants distributed the menu. Food was not as fantastic as I have imagined but it was pretty fine to satisfy the hunger. Or maybe, I just expected too much. On Dubai-Singapore (and vice versa) flights, we were served Magnum ice cream for dessert. Both I hesitated to take since I was nursing a cold.

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-10


With an excellent in-flight magazine, a good selection of movies, TV shows and music to check out, we never ran out of things to do to entertain ourselves during the long flight. Two thumbs up!

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-3
Inflight and duty free magazine

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-4


Singapore Airlines’ crew our friendly and helpful. They may not give what you asked for right away, like another glass of water in our case, but they still do attend to your needs without the need to remind them to.

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-5

The Verdict

We love Singapore Airlines! We hope to catch more of its promo fares so we can get to fly with them again. Oh yes, before I forget – we, transit passengers received a 20S$-worth of voucher to be used in Changi Airport while on layover. What’s not to love?

Dubai Manila Singapore Airlines-9
20-Singaporean dollars worth of voucher (approx. 50 AED) and a discount coupon for transit passengers

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