Romantic Dinner at Pai Thai

Last January, we celebrated our first month as husband and wife with an intimate dinner date. We went to Pai Thai, a restaurant with a reputation for being one of the most romantic in Dubai. True enough, as we exited Al Qasr Hotel, we embarked on a fancy abra ride under the moonlight. What a wonderful way to start the evening!

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We arrived in Pai Thai in a matter of two minutes and got off a wooden deck with dim lights and soft Oriental music playing in the background. Before we got ushered to our table, we were given warm towels to refresh.

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We sat by the corner of the restaurant, al fresco, with a stunning view of the blocky silhouettes of the wind towers and the jagged edges of palms, the little lights from the restaurant reflecting on the water. Our little spot was made extra romantic with a shower of rose petals on the table. Sweet.

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For starters, we shared a plate of Chor Moung, a purple colored chicken dumpling. Shaped into a rosette, this steamed goodness looked more of a dessert than an appetizer. There’s a sweet flavor in it and the chicken taste was subtle. It’s quite a heavy start for dinner.

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Aside from the dumpling, they also served complimentary prawn crackers – crunchy and not greasy, just the way we like it.

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The mains came in no time. As with any Thai restaurant we go to, we had a plate of Pad Thai Goong Sod. Since it’s a favorite dish of ours, we sort of know how to judge a good pad Thai. Their version lacks kick in my opinion and they don’t serve the accompanying condiments (unless you ask) to tweak the taste.

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However, Gaeng Phed Ped Yang served in a small ceramic pot made up for it. The grapes lent a sweet flavor and worked wonderfully with the tender and tasty red duck meat. The serving wasn’t as much as we expected but just enough for the two of us.

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I rest my back while sipping on my mocktail named Tuk Tuk, albeit with the chilly breeze, my drink was refreshing.

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The waiter went back to us with a big slab of Date Chocolate Cake! An edible chocolate with a Happy Anniversary was stuck on top. Apparently, upon reserving a table, they asked if there’s any occasion. The husband told them upon booking that we are celebrating our first month as a married couple, hence the cake. So sweet of them! We were so full from the complimentary cake our tummies couldn’t fit another serving of a traditional dessert.

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It was a lovely evening. We went home with a hearty stomach and smile on our faces. If you’re aiming to impress your date, especially this Valentine’s day, we recommend you check Pai Thai out.

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PS. Reservation is a must.


Pai Thai
Dar Al Masyaf Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 432 3232

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