Applying for a UK Tourist Visa in Dubai

If you’re following me in social media, you’d know that I’m currently under the gloomy London sky!

A month prior to this trip, I was very anxious about getting a UK visa. It should just be like any other visa applications I’ve done before but why feel nervous? Well, my residence visa will expire in September so that means it is valid for less than 6 months. We tried to reach VFS (UK’s visa processing partner) but ended up getting connected to some UK immigration trunk line, that never picks up the phone. I searched online and found this article in Gulf News that says “residency visas should be valid for at least 90 days from the intended date of return” I got pretty relieved but it’s not until I have that stamp in my passport would I be able to breathe easy. Long story short, I was granted a multiple entry visa valid for 6 months. What are the requirements and process, you can find them below. :)

  1. Go to this page which leads to the application process. It links to a visa application form which you, obviously, need to fill out. The form was quite tedious to answer with items like your parents’ details, travel history, etc.
  2. Once the application form is completely filled out, you proceed to payment. The visa fee is 123 USD, paid online.
  3. With an application form and receipt, you can now proceed to booking an appointment for the biometrics and submission of the required documents.
  4. Gather all necessary documents. For a tourist visa, we prepared the following:
    • 1 recent photograph following UKBA guidelines
    • passport valid for at least 6 months
    • accommodation booking
    • flight tickets TIP: we flew direct via Royal Brunei Airlines – competitive fares and ample leg room
    • supporting docs
      • employment certificate stating your salary, tenure in the company and position)
      • 6 months bank statement
      • residence visa
  5. Go to VFS in Wafi on the day of your appointment and take with you the above documents and a print out of your duly filled application form. TIP: Prior to your appointment, print this sheet and see to it you have everything in this checklist. Otherwise, you could get VFS’ service of checking your docs for 75AED (which I actually find a rip-off since they do checking of docs in Schengen visa application for free)

That’s it! You just gotta wait for the courier to deliver your passport with the UK visa stamped on it, which takes about 15 business days according to VFS but we got ours in 5 days. NOTE: The above procedure/fees are correct at the time of our application, which was last March 2016.

Finally, plan your trip and enjoy the UK! :)



PS. We are still in London at the moment, you can follow our adventures in Instagram and Twitter. :)

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  1. thanks for this blog kabayan :) i am preparing all my docs. for nextyear visa process. just want to ask if i still need to make cover letter and itinerary? i will be having sponsorship for this travel. Thank you and Godbless. *MERRY CHRISTMAS JANE :)

      1. hi… i didn’t submit cover letter / intinerary because i have invitation letter in UK. i just answer everything on the form especially the “ additional information” you need to fill that… i got my UK visa this month it takes only 11 working days.

  2. Hi Dear,

    It’s so good to hear about your journey. Thanks for sharing the details. I wish to travel to UK for some course for 3 days. How much fund do I need to show. I work in Al Ain, would they ask me why am I going there for one day ?

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

    Kind regards
    S Tiwari

  3. Hi jane.i am a resident in uae working with a salary of Aed4200 but on my fathers sponsorship . Will there be an issue cuz of my salary because i will be travelling for 4 to 5 days only. I have also travelled to other places in past few years. Will that be a plus point. I am just concerned that my visa miggt get rejected due to less salary.

  4. Hello! I submitted my application yesterday in wafi mall. I just want to ask, i paid 476.71aed when i applied the visa online at and paid around 61.82aed for the premium service (courier and text) then when i came to my appointment (11:15am, Saturday) to submit my documents I was asked to pay for 485.50? Now I am confused what was that for? On the reciept it says 452.38aed Prime Time and 10aed SMS service? Can anyone help me explain what I paid for? I didn’t remember booking any primetime since I was on time with the timings they provided me.

    1. Hi, I stumbled to this blog after I lodged my UK visa application and wanna share coz I juz got my passport with a visa on it ?When I applied I did not avail the courier and sms, coz I was expecting to receive an email at least and anyway I still have 2 months until my planned vacation. So I waited until the 14th working day to go to vfs… nada ?. The next day I sent an email paying GBP5 & something to the Home Office checking for the status of my application. In less than an hour, I got a response “…We have made a decision on your application… VAC will be in contact with you for the collection…” omg I did not avail the sms, how would I know. Decided to go to vfs on the 17th working day…. and… I got it.
      So here’s what I think when I got my visa…
      — They just processed it on the 14th working day
      — Apply in advance (3months before the trip) coz min. of 15 working days is real thou some got it in lesser days says the comments
      — Avail at least for the sms

      ^_^ BoL

    2. Hi, I stumbled to this blog after I lodged my UK visa application and wanna share coz I juz got my passport with a visa on it ?When I applied I did not avail the courier and sms, coz I was expecting to receive an email at least and anyway I still have 2 months until my planned vacation. So I waited until the 14th working day to go to vfs… nada ?. The next day I sent an email paying GBP5 & something to the Home Office checking for the status of my application. In less than an hour, I got a response “…We have made a decision on your application… VAC will be in contact with you for the collection…” omg I did not avail the sms, how would I know. Decided to go to vfs on the 17th working day…. and… I got it.
      So here’s what I think when I got my visa…
      — They just processed it on the 14th working day
      — Apply in advance (3months before the trip) coz min. of 15 working days is real thou some got it in lesser days says the comments
      — Avail at least for the sms

      ^_^ BoL

      1. thanks for your replies. can i still cancel the online appilcation form and make a new one? because we already made an appointment date on september 27 and i entered permanent resident instead of temporary visa.

        1. This is just a minor thing , no need to cancel the application , in my last so many applications i have mentioned the permanent resident ( which indeed was a small mistake ) , never became a issue , since you have to submit your passportcopy with a visa page which is good enough to prove your residency status .They know these things & tend to overlook these small errors , Goodluck .

                1. Hello, i submitted my application last September 27, and the only SMS message i received was that it was forwarded to UKVI on the same day. The lady from the VFS said it will be around 15 working days. hoping that the application will come out positive and not take long. Is it usually 15 working days for applications made in Abu Dhabi?

  5. Hi. Anybody here who applied for UK visa this August 2018? How long is the processing time? I submitted my application at VFS wafi mall on 12th August, today is already 28th but I have not received any sms or email about from vfs, nothing. And there is no way to contact vfs about UK visa application. They don’t have a dedicated visa helpline for UK. Is it really taking a long time nowadays? I have traveled to Europe multiple times in the past.

    1. It’s peak time , they take some 15 working days nowadays , so hopefully you would be getting the decision by first week of Sep. No point in calling on the UK helpline number until the 15th working days are over.

      1. Thanks Vicky. I am becoming worried now because I’m traveling next week 6th Sept. Hopefully I’ll get a visa before my flight. I don’t want to call the uk visa and immig. helpline, they’ll probably just give me general info since it’s still within time frame, and it’s not free.

        I have friends who applied for Uk visa last month, they got it within 5 working days.

        1. I hope you have received your passport , if not , then call the UK helpline no to know about your status & tell them to respond at the earliest .
          For those who are on a tight schedule should always chose the self passport collection at VFS , it saves you extra day or two the courier company takes to deliver the passports .

    2. thanks for your replies. can I still cancel online application because i already sent it and have the appointment date on September 27. i entered the permanent resident instead of temporary visa….

  6. Hi! Do you still remember how many sms did you receive from vfs? I only received one saying that my documents have already been forwarded to the uk embassy, nothing else. Still waiting, its been 10 working days. For schengen visa, you will received something like ‘your documents are already under process’,etc. I didn’t received that from my uk visa application.

    1. I’m on 10 working days today and still nothing (not sure if they work Mon to Fri or Sun to Thurs). I didn’t realise it will take that long. Normally it takes 5 working days when I apply back home. Argh! Hopefully it will come at last minute.

        1. No, not yet and I am starting to panic because there is no way of following up either. It’s day 13 for me today.

            1. It is taking longer then normal time now a days , i got my passport back on 11th working day where as in the past it would take 4-5 working days . BTW now a days you get only two messages , one for forwarding the doc. Other for passport ready for collection , relax guys .

              1. So it’s day 14 today and I’ve emailed them yesterday for a follow up and they confirmed that “my application has been considered and awaiting a decision”. Not sure how long it will take them to make a decision. Just thought I’ll give you guys an update.

              2. So it’s day 14 today and I have emailed them yesterday and they confirmed that “my application has been considered and awaiting a decision.” So I am not sure how long it will take to make a decision. Just thought I’ll update you guys.

                  1. Hi Vicky, thanks for the help in answering queries. we got our passports with visa today. we applied Sept 27 and received SMS from VFS that application can be collected last thursday Oct. 11 at around 4:15pm that is why we were only able to get the passports today. overall it is 15 days and we didn’t received any email from UKVI or VFS. just the 2 SMS when forwarded to UKVI and when it is ready for collection. thanks for this blog post, too.

                    1. It’s my pleasure to be of any help to you Guys , we should be thanking Jane for creating this platform to share our experience . BTW a email was received from the VFS ( in my last 2 applications ) once they had received our processed application or passports from the embassy ,

      1. I received an email from UK Embassy saying that they are unable to make a decision on my application within their standard processing time. Does anybody know if it’s possible to just collect my passport and withdraw my visa application? I have to travel to on 22nd this month.

        1. Hi Emmylou, were you able to get your passport/visa? I applied last Sep 27 but need to travel on Oct 12. I have not received any news yet regarding my application and now I’m worries that I may not be able to get my passport for Oct 12

              1. Then you have 50-50 chance to get it before your scheduled departure date , first application does take some time . BTW I have mentioned here before also that when you you are on a tight schedule , don’t opt for courier service , courier takes extra day or two to deliver your passport . If by Thursday afternoon you get any message from VFS regarding your passport , straightaway go to there WAFI mall application centre & trace your passport , good luck .

          1. Hi Emmylou,

            I submitted my application as well on Sept 27 and until now I havent got any update from them. Waiting makes it more difficult. Hope we get it ASAP.

  7. Hi I hv to apply for a UK visa and my appointment is scheduled on 5th of July.

    My UAE resident visa is going to expire on 15th November 2018 however I will b travelling UK on 17th August and will back on 25th August ..

    Please advise will this have an impact on UK visa process .

    My passport is valid for another 4 year , my wife is also on my sponser visa and same is valid for another 2 year .

    Please guide the way forward..

  8. Hello there, I am about to submit my UK visit visa Application tomorrow in Dubai. I have a few questions which I hope you can help with.

    1. The application says they need originals documents as well as copies – do I have to submit our original marriage and birth certificate of our son and other documents like bank statements etc?

    2. I’m not working at the moment so I am applying as my husband’s dependant who is British. What paperwork do I need to submit to proof this.

    3. We are all travelling together as a family. We don’t have anyone else staying behind so what do they want to show that there are family members staying behind while we travel?

    4. I am using my husband’s UAE bank statements and my bank statements from back home. Must my husband’s bank statements be original and stamped?

    5. I have applied from my home country several times before and submitted copies of documents I.e flights, bank statements, letter of invitation, marriage certificate. Are they very strict on original documents?

    I hope you will be able to assist. Many thanks

    1. If possible try to submit original documents along with their photocopies , also make a request on the checklist for those documents to be returned back to you later.

  9. Hi I have few questions in my mind can u plz share me ur view’s? Is it mandatory to book confirm air tickets? I have booked the itinerary for my family but I haven’t paid. Secondly what’s the ratio of getting Visa for Indians citizens? we do have USA visa for 10 years but we didn’t travelled. Last is I have submitted application last Thursday so within how many days we can get the visa stamped?

    1. Sir,

      what is the minimum balance required for UK visitor visa for 10 days..I am going to stay with my brother in the UK.. if i show a bank balance of AED 14K is it sufficient

  10. Hi Jane i have been in europe many times since 2009… on my passport there’s 3 previous schengen visa & i applied last week for UK visa tourist & i’m confused.. & i gave them all documents required

    1. As per my experience, no minimum balance was required. When I sent my bank statements the outstanding balance on my account is AED50. I repeat. AED50. I just sent all the documents and additional supporting docs with my application. Result will be based on their assessment.
      In my case, I also have my ninang’s invitation letter with her passport copy indicating that she’s a resident. Although di nama kami nagkita ng ninang ko, cos the main purpose of my trip was to watch 3 concerts and watch Wimbledon. Naubos na time ko kaya di na kami nagkita. I stayed on hostels and i sent my bookings on my application.

  11. Thanks for posting this great information, this will be a quite useful for anyone who wishes to visit the UK. I will pin this for my future reference, I also been in this application process 2 years ago and I’m so stressed about what I’m going to do first so I decided to let do it for me. I’m so grateful they make it easier for me.

  12. Hello Jane..!!
    I applied on 10th Dec 2017, but still did not get any answer, i work in a school as an accountant, and school is close since 15th dec for winter holidays and it will re open on 14th Jan 2018,
    My question is do they call your office for verification..?? But as its understood all schools remain closed for winter holidays these days,
    So do you think this could be the reason of delay..??
    And if there is no one to answer call at work place then what is the solution, do they just reject or they will wait untill it will re open ..??

      1. Hi Jane,
        Hope you are well.

        i just want to know i am a graphic designer getting some extra amount for freelance work i am using 2 bank account 1 for salary 1 for personal can i submit tow bank statements for UK visit visa.

  13. Hello,

    I am paid thru cash or bank deposits. So my bank statement is not constant.
    But i have pay slips, tax returns, bank balance certificate (to show enough money).
    Do i still need to get bank statement? Or just show the other docs?

    Thank you!

  14. Hi, Jane

    Good day!
    Would you know or have any idea what the UK Embassy meant by the:
    “Evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel.” under the Additional Information of the Document Checklist?

    Thank you so much in advance!


    1. Hi Ms.Jane,

      Your blog is really helpful. I’m just wondering because I have an invitation letter. My friend will provide accommodation, however in the letter it is not stated that she will expense my one month trip in Uk. So, she just send me her tenancy contract, and her passport together with the letter. Will that be ok that she did not send me a copy of her bank statement. As conclusion do I need to have a 15,000 aed bank statement minimum?

      Thank you


      1. Hello Ros! Glad that my blog was able to help. :)

        I haven’t tried applying for a UK visa with a sponsor but you can check the UK immigration website for the required documents for this type of application. as for the bank statement, there is no specific amount needed in your bank account.

    2. Hello Jane! I wish I could tell you what that means but I have no idea :s I think its just an additional document that you can provide but not necessarily a requirement. In my case, I didn’t provide any document at all for that category.

  15. Hi Jane,

    Hope you are doing well..
    Just want to confirm with you point no.11 in the sheet you attached. (Tenancy contract) Its under my brother’s name. Would that be of any issue ? Second question is for point no.14 (evidence of your family stay in your home country during your travel) they are all living in dubai so what kind if evidence other than the visas can i give ? Last question do i have to submit photos ?? I thought they take new ones when i do biometrics

    Thanks alot Jane

    1. Hi Mostafa! We didn’t submit our tenancy contract and proof of family stay in home country when we applied for our visa. These are supporting documents that I feel weren’t really necessary. As for your other question, during the time of our application (2016), we were asked to provide photographs even if we were taken a pic during the biometrics. However, as per the comments below, it seems not required anymore.

  16. Hi Jane! Do we need stamped bank statements from the bank or online SOA is enough? BTW, I am working in Dubai also and I’ll be applying on 9th of October! Thanks! :

  17. Hi there, I just apply for a uk visit visa this Tuesday, i m planning to visit my.friend scotland, she also send me and invitation letter, but she.but im.taking care.of the.trip myself, salary 7000 aed, and I book a hotel already and flight intinary, bank statement and NOC from company tooplus her passport copy, but my residence visa is expiring Febuary, I apply 26 Septembet, pls tell me do I hav chances of visa being approve, im just so curious and biting my fingers and just praying for it to all go well

    1. Hi Akote! When is your intended date of travel? If you’re leaving and returning to UAE 3 months before your residence visa expires, then there will be no problem at all.

      1. Hello Jane,thanks for the reply,Actually my intended is 15 october, return 25 october as on my.flight intinary, and accommodation and also.mention on the invitation letter.

        1. That should be fine. If you’ve read the article linked in my post, it says the residence visa need to be valid for 3 months at least. Good luck on your application! :)

  18. Hi Jane! Thank you so much for the helpful blog.
    Question, I am Indonesian who resides in Turks and Caicos Island, where no VFS and VAC there. Do you think I can apply in Dubai? I will be in Dubai with 1 month tourist visa. Please advise

    1. Hey Linda! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’m not really sure how to respond to your question because I applied for a UK visa as a UAE resident. But as you said that the customer care confirms that you can do the application here, perhaps you can ask VFS directly. Please note that the visa process might take a long time; make sure your UAE tourist visa validity won’t lapse while your passport is lodged with VFS (assuming that you will proceed with the application in Dubai).

  19. Hi Jane, I have small concern. I have applied UK Visa in Dubai when I visit Dubai for 1 month. I am an Indonesian, residing in Turks and Caicos Island (there is no VAC). I have all documents ready. My question is do you think, my visa will be granted?
    p.s. I have checked all the travel agents in Dubai asking whether it is possible to apply UK Visa as a non residence and they said NO. On the other hand, I asked the customer care of UK Visa & Immigration and they said I am able to apply. This makes me really confuse and depressed.

  20. Hello Jane, Im quite confuse..I booked an appointment already. However, below it, it says your primetime appt. must be paid before you attend your appointment. I paid already the 119 usd. Does it mean, another payment? My friend told me that, the one I paid is the final one..

  21. Hi Jane since you mentioned that your resident visa was about to expire before you applied for a UK visa, did you have your resident visa renewed before you travelled?

    1. Hello Jessie! Nope, I didn’t renew my visa prior to traveling. I even returned to the UK 2 months after and returned to the UAE just in time before my residence visa hits its 3rd month prior to expiration.

  22. Hi Ms. Jane,

    I’m going to apply po for UK visa para sa December para sana NYE countdown. Ask ko lang po kung ano po sinagot niyo sa application sa residency dto sa Dubai. Permanent resident po ba o temporary visa? at kasi po isang room lang kami ng mga friend ko my mga kasama kami sa flat ok lang dn ba na I rent it pa dn ung sagot sa accommodation ko dito kahit hindi naman tlga sa name ko ung buong flat na yun? Please advise po. Kinakabahan ako magapply kasi I got denied po last year sa US at Canada visa then kailang din sya ideclare pero traveller nmn ako like sa Schengen countries pero yun nga lang hirap talaga magapply ng visa sa mga English countries e. Thank you

    1. Hi Val! I checked my previous application form and didn’t encounter any field where it’s asked permanent resident or temporary visa. Regarding the permanent residential address, I just answered with our home address in Dubai. I think it doesn’t matter if you rent the flat or just sharing it since we didn’t provide a copy of the tenancy contract naman. I hope that helps and best of luck on your visa application! :)

  23. Hi, I have a friend who is a U.K. Citizen and wants me to come with her to U.K. For visit, but I earn less than 5000 dirhams. Is there any chance of getting a visa since she has an apartment over there and I don’t have to book for a hotel. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Michelle! There’s no salary requirement for UK visa but if you’re in doubt, perhaps your friend could sponsor your trip. If you go through this process, your friend will need to provide documents that proves that he/she can/will support your trip to the UK.

          1. Hi ms. jane, how about a payroll account statement? can i just print it? kasi kaka open ko lang ng bank account this sept. and travel date ko will be this dec 2017.

            1. Hi Lala! I’m not sure if they will allow that because I always submit bank statement whenever I apply for any visa. It might be a bit risky but maybe you can try.

      1. HI Lloydee, did you receive an sms on the day of or a day before that your passport is ready? I applied last Aug 9 and I still don’t have any news :(

  24. HI Jane. Could you please tell me. I had 2 Schengen Rejections 1 month ago. The reason, Justification of your intended stay was not clear. On 12th of August i applied for UK 6 month Tourist Visa. I have attached this time my wife’s resident visa, marriage certificate and that I am married, which for foolish reasons I didnt attach on Schengen Applications. And I attached only Hotel booking, not the ticket. Do you think, I will get rejection because of Schengen Rejections? And I have applied for myself only, not wife. Thanks

    1. Hey Maruf. I’m a little confused – you applied for a visa for yourself but attached your wife’s resident visa? Please tell me that you submitted YOUR residence visa copy as well. To avoid any rejections, make sure that you provide every single document required in the checklist. I have a sample above and a link to VFS check list if you need to double check. If you are traveling for 6 months, this should be reflected in your hotel and flight bookings as well. Hope that helps! :)

  25. Hi there
    I’ve just submitted the application today, although I’ve attached the important supporting documents I could only attach an Insurance certification stating that me and my family are covered, not the Travel Insurance. Will this be a problem?

    1. I don’t think travel insurenc is mandatory for UK visa but it is a must for schengen visa . BTW Travel insurance for a family would not cost you more then 150 -200 Aed & it takes only 5 minutes to buy it online .

  26. For all those who are on a tight schedule ( not much time between visa application & travelling date ) should not opt for courier service at VFS for passport delivery because courier service might take extra day or two to deliver your passport .

  27. Hi I want to apply for UK visit visa,my salary is 7000dhiram,I bank statement is 40000…I just want to know that my bank statement is enough

    1. Hi Anas! There is no exact amount required for the bank statement. As long as you have proof that you’re able to finance your trip, that would be just fine.

  28. Hi! Submitted my uk visa application today and just noticed that the hotel booking confirmation doesn’t show may name. Will that be a problem? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ruby! Not sure about this but if the hotel booking dates correspond to your travel dates, that might not be an issue. I have a slightly similar situation coz all hotel bookings (in all visa applications, not just UK) I’ve had doesn’t have my name. Only my husband’s and I don’t use his surname yet. But that didn’t stop me from getting a visa. So yeah, I hope that helps.

  29. Hi , I applied my visa on 18th July and my travel date is 10 th … can u guys tell how long does it takes to process for visa

    1. I got my visa after 10 working days (applied on 10th, got my visa on 24th, thank God!). the processing days vary, and I’m not sure what the basis is. A friend of mine applied before me, it’s her 1st European visa and she got hers in just 4 days. As per VFS, it’s 15 working days. Unfortunately, can’t find a way to track it except for the SMS tracking. Truly can relate to the agony of waiting.

      1. Thanks for the reply Claire.. it’s my first UK visa.. hope it will come out soon.. have an appointment on August for schengen.. :(

      2. Hello Clarie! Thanks for the information you shared. It’s true that the length of processing varies per application. One factor can be the fact that summer time is a peak season for tourists in the UK hence the volume of visa applicants. I would really suggest that everyone wait *patiently* until the 15th business day. That’s the usual length VFS guarantees anyway. :)

  30. I applied on 5th July I have still not received my visa I need to travel on 27july I have already booked tickets

        1. Hi i received my visa on july 19.. when is your flight? Maybe they released mine early coz they know that i will have my flight on august 1

          1. I’m flying on Aug 11. Did you receive a text message prior? Didn’t expect it would take this long, as like you,I had 3 Schengen visas too in the past ;(

            1. I received only 3 texts first when they forwarded the application to the ukv1 then july 18 when ny pasport was ready for colection then aramex sent it to our office on july 19.. it should be ok..i know how u feel..we applied on the peak season thats why..

          2. I got my visa in only 4 days , in may , applied for my wife’s visa on 13th july thinking that it would not take more then a week but as of now no message . We are due to fly on 28th july & don’t know whom to approach .

  31. hi Im really getting anxious coz i havent received any news regarding my visa application.. I am hopefully going to London on August 1st for holiday.. I applied on July 10.. I also have 2 previous schengen visas and 1 current schengen visa.. Do u think Miss Jane there’s a chance for my visa to get approved? My friends got theirs in 5 working days before when they applied.. now its 8 working days and havent had any news yet.. :(

    1. Hi Teena, if you submitted all required documents then there’s a big chance that you will be granted a visa. While some applicants received their visas earlier, VFS says it takes 15 business days. Don’t worry, your visa will come soon. :)

  32. Hi Jane, I’m applying for a UK visa and there’s a part on the online application asking if you rent, own, etc your apartment here in Dubai. I’ve submitted my application and the checklist is asking for a proof that I rent my apartment. what are the documents that you submitted showing where you currently live?

    1. Hi Jessie, I don’t remember submitting any document as a proof where I live. I just provided a copy of my residence visa as a proof of my legal residence in Dubai.

      1. thank you. I’ve submitted my application to VFS on July 24th and I’m now waiting for my passport to be delivered. Did you have yours delivered or did you get it from VFS yourself?

        1. i got my visa today after 6 working days, including delivery. i received an SMS yesterday saying that my passport is ready and they’ve forwarded it to the courier so I have it now. thank you! your page is helpful!

  33. Dear Jane, Is there any indicate if we granted with visa or not? I heard if they rejected your visa then they call you in vfs and take signature on a form and then give your passport to you in other condition if they approved your visa then they directly dispatch you passport through courier. reply me fast plzz if you have any knowledge regarding this plzz.

    1. You have to wait for your passport to know. If your visa is approved, there’s a visa stamp on your passport. If it’s rejected, there’s a letter together with your passport explaining why they rejected your visa application. hope that helps.

  34. Hi Jane, I submitted my visa application through VFS Dubai on 28.06.2017 How long it will take, at the time of submission the agent gave me back my photographs and he said the photo is not required then after biometric they took a fresh of mine, So just let me know is this ok??

    1. Hi Muhammad! I got my visa after 5 working days although it might take 15 business days according to VFS. It varies. According to a few commenters below, they weren’t ask for a photograph anymore. I guess that’s the new protocol?

  35. Got my UK Visa in few days only… went there on May 31 Wednesday and It was delivered to me on June 5 Monday! I was surprised it was processed very quick… followed the guide here and it helped me a lot to prepare everything I need. Though there were some few changes such as the application and courier fee, and the agent check your documents with the checklist without any 75aed fees. First time applying and I’ve never been into any countries in Europe… see you London! :)

    1. Hi cheezy!
      1st of all congratulations to you!??
      I just wanted to ask one of the requirements above..that flight ticket, they will ask for that? Cos I didn’t book yet, I just wAnt to apply a visa 1st before booking. I’m planning to travel on October but my appointment will be on next week june 21,2017.. I didn’t book yet as my sponsor in uk advice me that thing.. will it possible? Can u give me some advice… hoping to get your reply before my appointment..thank you?

      1. Hi jehla.. its better to get a refundable ticket or a dummy booking from a travel agent if u are not willing to buy your ticket. They do ask the date of travel and the date of departure from UK.
        You can also directly consult vfs office

    2. Hi Cheezy! Thanks for reporting back the changes in the visa application. I will edit the post to include this information. Glad they no longer charge for checking the documents. Enjoy your holiday! :)

  36. HI! Pls enlighten me. ?
    I’m planning to spend Christmas in UK this December 2017.
    My problem is that I just got my employment visa this May 3, 2017.
    Is it possible for me to get a visit visa to UK?
    The sister of my mom and her whole family are residents in UK.
    Please advise what to do and when to start my application for UK visit visa. Many thanks ?



    2. Hi Cheezy, Congrats to your visa… Just would like to ask you, Is this your first time as a traveler or you’ve been in other countries..


    3. Hi Kath! I’m so sorry I saw your comment just now. I have completely forgotten that I set it to automatically approve comments hence I didn’t get a notification! Apologies! To answer your question – part of the requirements is your bank statement for the last 6 months. Assuming that you had a previous job prior to your current job, that might be ok. But as what was asked in the previous comment, it’s in UK Embassy’s discretion whether they will accept combined bank statements showing different employers. What you might try is to ask your mom to sponsor you. That process will have more requirements though. I usually apply for a visa a month and a half prior to my intended date of travel. Hope that helps!

  37. Marhaba Jane, one question regarding Step#3, I have finished the questionnaire and payment. How do I book an Appointment? Do i need to go to a different site or the same site will show the slots for the appointment?
    Thank you in advance!

      1. Hi Jane, thanks for your reply. Follow up questions.
        1.Do we still need NOC, 2. Certificate of Employment and Salary Certificate is the same right?
        Im opting to get only Salary Cert.
        THanks in advance.

        1. Hello RJ! Sorry for the late response. I found your comment in the spam box! No need for NOC if you have a certificate of employment/salary certificate. Yes, they are the same thing just make sure that your position, tenure in the company and salary are stated in the letter.

          1. DEAR jANE,

            1. “RJ Hi. Good day. I just want to check if you did submit a photo? I was confused also with the guidelines regarding photo. Thanks

              1. Hi Marie, we submitted our application 2 weeks ago. We did not submit any photo. It was just taken in the biometrics room. Hope this helps.

                1. Yes Jane, no photo was needed. they took my finger and facial biometrics after the document checking and it is done. as easy as that. Hopefully i will be approved .
                  Hi Kai, were you approved?

                    1. Hi RJ,
                      My travel agent says photo should be submitted,
                      on the checklist it says photograph will be taken along with the biometrics, could you please clarify?
                      Also, what about the photo to be attached only the checklist?
                      Could you please clarify?

            2. Hi Jane, Thanks a lot for very informative blog.

              I have applied for Uk visa on 12 of June but still have not got any response. Actually, our plan is to travel before eid vacation and i have already got my leave approved from tomorrow. What should i expect ? We don’t want to ruin our vacation.

              Please reply if you can help us in this regard.

      2. Hi Jane,

        Please help! Im so confused :( when i finished my application and payment in UKVI website they already asked for the appointment booking in which i chosed 29 Nov, then at the bottom of it they asked to register in VFS website. I registered and then there’s a “schedule appointment” again? Im planning to travel before Christmas so i schedule the appointment to 26 Nov in VFS website which is 3 days earlier that the original booking in UKVI website. Since i re-sched it on the 26th dun ko na rin isa-submit yung mga documents right?

        Your response is highly appreciated.

        1. Hi Kris, sorry for the late response, I just read your comment. You will be sent an email with the confirmation of your appointment date. The appointment date is when you submit all documents.

  38. hello jane, thanks for your helpful blog. i prepare all the required papers as per your above mentioned documents and submitted the same today at VFS Abu Dhabi. However, when i got back to the office and check my envelope i found out that my salary certificate was not included in the documents handed over to VFS and still on my envelope where i placed all the docs for submission :( in short, im lacking of salary certificate, do you think this will be a reason for my rejection for UK visa issuance?

    1. Oh no! I honestly don’t know what to say or advise. But if this will make you feel any better, salary certificate falls under the “supporting documents” category. To my understanding, these are documents you MAY provide – not necessarily a MUST. I guess if they check your bank statements and see that there’s a fixed amount (aka your salary) that goes into your account monthly, that would be enough proof that you’re employed.

      Let’s pray you get the visa! Best of luck!!!

      1. Thanks for your feedback ????
        Cross fingers that I’ll get the visa as I’ve already purchased tickets for Adele concert ???? it’s one week already tomorrow and got no response yet

          1. Hi, You have your visa already? How long? I applied today and my flight is on May 5. Hope I can get the result before that. :)

        1. Hi, have you got your visa already? How long? I applied today and my flight is on May 5. Hope I can receive it before that. :)

  39. Hi Jane. How many months exactly was your residence visa valid when you submitted your application? We’re planning to go last week of June, but my husband’s residence will expire in November. Thank you.

    1. Hello Kai, my residence visa was 5 months to expiry when I applied for my UK visa. As per the Gulf News article I have linked up, the visa needs to be at least 3 months valid. :)

      1. Hi Jane. Thank you so much for the information. I have started filling out the online questionnaire. On the savings and monthly spending field, have you just put an approximate amount? Will they really go into details? Thank you.

        1. Hi Kai! Yes, we answered with our estimated amount for the expenses. We weren’t asked anything about it during our appointment but it’s always best to be as accurate as you can be. :)

  40. Hi Jane. Thank you for your very informative blog. I am planning for a trip to UK this coming May. Would just want to clarify, once I have done the online application for the tourist visa, then after I can book for an appointment to submit the required docs and biometrics, right? If say I will do the online application on 30th March, is it possible for me to get an appointment by 1st week of April? What will be the waiting time to get an appointment? Thanks very much.

    1. Hello Angel, your appointment date will be based upon the availability of slots. I suggest you start early with the process so you can select the best available application date that suits you. Hope that helps!

  41. Hi Jane! I really appreciate your efforts for providing such info and replying instantly to all the people in need!
    Im planning a trip to UK, with my husband and 2 children this july. I had already been there in 2014 (tourist visa) it was a smooth process. i have a pakistani passport and im a resident of Dubai. Any chances of getting rejected? Like considering the current issues of rejection..

    1. Thanks Maheen! Means a lot to me. :)

      I don’t see any reason why your application will be rejected. As long as you provide all the necessary requirements, then that should be fine. :)

  42. Hi Jane. I plan to apply for a marriage visitor visa with my partner who is under Tier 2 immigrant visa in the UK. He’ll be my sponsor as well though I have a fair amount of savings in the bank. I have recently switched jobs and will be submitting combination of 6 months of payslips from my previous company and my current company. I am only 3 months in my new company in Dubai. Will this be a problem in my application? Do you suggest I wait for a while and submit 6 months of payslip from just my current employer to be more consistent? Thank you for your advice.

    1. Hello Grace! I’m no expert in this matter as it’s totally under the consulate’s discretion whether they will accept combined payslips from different companies or not. But if I’m in your shoes, I would wait for at least 6 months before I apply for a visa – for peace of mind. :) If your travel plans are not yet finalized, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to wait for a few months. :)

  43. Hi Jane, I am applying online for a visa for me, my husband and my 2 children aged 12and 13. I know that I have to fill in seperate forms but Do I have to register each one separate? Will I get appointments together in that case?

    1. Hi Sandra! You can book an appointment on the same date and if it allows, try to book a time that’s minutes apart. In our case, my husband and I registered separately, booked the 9:00AM and 9:15AM respectively and then approached the counter together. That way, our applications came in together, checked and processed at the same time. :)

      1. Hi Jane. We applied for the visa, 9th working day today n no reply. We just got 1 SMS and 1 email that day we applied. Will I get an email or SMS when it’s ready n will I get the passport on the same day? I have opted for the courier service. Thank you.

  44. I hope someone can answer my question here. To whom should I address my COE letter? Is it UK Embassy Dubai or UK Consulate Dubai. I am here in Dubai and planning to apply for a UK visa here as we plan to go to London in April.

    Thanks for the answers

  45. Hi Ms. Jane. I have mistakenly put my family home address in the Philippines in the (home address) section of the UK visit visa application form. Will that affect my application? Thank you very much :)

    1. Hi Erick, I’m not really sure about this but I have two scenarios for you. Have you submitted your application form? If not, there might be a chance to rectify it when you submit your documents in VFS. You can raise this when the staff checks your docs. If that’s not the case, I think it won’t matter whichever address you may have written since you provided a copy of your residence visa proving that you live in the UAE. That’s just my opinion. Let’s pray you get the visa!

      1. My schedule in VFS Abu dhabi will be on February 8. I’ll take your advice, I will raise this concern when i submit my docs. Hopefully there won’t be any issue. Thank you very much, you’ve been most helpful.

          1. Hi Ms. Jane, I’ve got my visa today. During the docs submission, they allowed me to put (minor) correction in my printed application form with my signature opposite the correction. It took only 5 working days :)

    1. Hello Anee, as per the link in my post, your residence visa need to be valid for at least 3 months. It might be better if you renew your residency visa before applying a UK visa.

    2. Hello Jane, did you purchase an airline ticket before your visa was approved? how does that work? how did you do it? there’s a risk of getting denied right so how can we play it safe?

      1. Hi Jade, yes we paid for the ticket before we applied for our visas. Although not really recommended, we do this especially when we spot a really good deal. We always make sure that the ticket we’re booking is refundable or rebookable just in case we get denied.

  46. Hi jane! If I plan to travel schengen countries and london for 2 weeks, how much show money you think we will be needing? Please give range of amount. Also, by the time of my intended date of travel I will just be one year and 3 months from my company, is it enough tenure to prove that ill be coming back?

    1. Hello Tin! I don’t think there’s a need for “show money”. Of course it will be an advantage to have quite an amount in your bank account but it’s not a huge requirement. You only need to have a proof that you’ll be able to finance your travel, that is, providing a salary certificate that mentions how much your salary is, your position in the company and the length of time you’re employed. A job waiting for you when you return to Dubai is enough proof that you will not overstay wherever you’re going to. :)

  47. Hello Jane.
    I have a quick question regarding evidence of accomodation in UAE.
    I have been working in UAE since 1 year and I’m sharing my room with mate as I don’t own the whole flat so I dont have the time letter of this flat. What would you recommend or suggest about it

    1. Hello Muhammad. There’s no need to provide evidence of accommodation in the UAE. Simply submit a copy of your residence visa to prove that you are a resident. As for the visa application, you will also need to submit accommodation booking in the UK.

  48. Hi Ms. Jane!
    Just want to ask if you also provided the “Additional Information: Evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel” which was in the document checklist.

    1. Hello Zara, we didn’t provide anything under the “Additional Information” tab. These are more of supporting documents rather than required documents. As what is written on the checklist – It is not a list of documents that you must provide but an indication of the types of documents that are commonly submitted. I hope that clarifies it. :)

    1. Hello Melanie! Sorry for the late reply, your comment went to my spam box. Yes ok lang yung certificate of employment as long as nakalagay dun yung salary, position mo and years in the company. No need na for NOC. :)

    2. Thanks Ms. Jane! I got my visa yesterday. It took 7 days probably due to the Christmas holidays. I did not provide the additional information as well.

  49. Hi Jane! Thank you for this very informative article. Just a quick confirmation though. Does it means that if one’s UAE resident visa is valid for less than 6 months he/she can still apply and obtain UK visa? My visa is expiring in May and i’m traveling in January for a week only. I can’t find concrete info about this. :( Hope you can help me. Thank u and God bless!

    1. Hello Annjulie! Yes, as per the article from Gulf News, you only need 3 months of UAE residence visa validity to get a UK visa. In my experience, my UAE visa is valid for only 5 months when I applied and yet I was granted a multiple entry visa. I also returned to the UK 3 months prior to my UAE visa’s expiration and there was no any questions or anything in the immigration. Go for it – UK is beautiful! Hope that helps! :)

      1. Thank you so much Jane for your kind response! Appreictae it a lot. I already applied online and booked an appointment. Hoping and prayinh to get a visa! Haha

        God bless Jane!

  50. Hi Ms. Jane, I just wanna ask is it required na ba na mg book na ng flight ticket prior to appointment date or once may visa na? I am a bit confused kc dun sa required docs. Another question is kelan yung start ng validity ng visa? Is it nung date of your intended tour based on your application or kung kelan nila inapproved? My date of travel kc is naiba dun sa sinubmit ko sa application ko, Thank you so much

    1. Hello Allan! You have to provide your flight details on your application. For this, you can make a flight reservation (make sure it’s refundable, just in case). The validity of the visa is usually days earlier than your travel date and from that date, add the number of days mentioned in the validity. In our case, we were given 6 months. Ok lang maiba yung dates as long as yung travel date mo is within the validity of the visa. :)

  51. hi jane, it says in the checklist that evidence of qualification obtained is that a must & it’s like educational documents? how about evidence of family members remaining in ur country,is it a must? cos i live alo e in Dubai. thanks

    1. Hello Eva, you don’t need to provide educational docs if you’re already working. It’s only applicable to students. The evidence of family members is not needed, too. It’s only an additional document but not necessarily required. We didn’t provide this doc when we applied. :)

  52. Hi Jane, hope you are fine,

    I have one quick question, I planning to visit Uk Birmingham actually my sister she is living there with her husband and kids and now she wants to invite and i want to go for a week.she has UK PR and in Febuary 2017 she will get citizenship so my question is my brother in law is sending me Invition and he will mention everything there on letter airport pick and drop,lol well i am working in Dubai since from last 3 years and my salary is 4500 and i have bank account and i can provide them 2years statement no problem but currently I have only 9500 in account so i can apply with same account balance or i have to add more? and what are the chances ? I have no travel history :(

    1. Hi Basil – Your relative in the UK can sponsor your visit but you might have to wait until they get their UK citizenship. Then, they have to prepare a letter of sponsorship stating that they will cover all your travel expenses (accommodation, etc). They will also need to provide additional documents to prove their eligibility to finance your travel. That’s the easiest way I can think of. You might want to run a Google search regarding UK visa sponsorship. Hope that helps!

  53. Hi Jane, I applied uk tourist visa for 6 months on 17 Oct, what do you think about previous travel history? And I applied normal so how many days it will take ?

  54. im also planning to go from dubai to london then head to paris after. however i was just thinking on how to apply the visa for both since it requires a different visas. if i apply uk visa first and they saw in my itinerary that my point of exit is on paris, are they going to require me schengen visa first? also if I apply schengen visa first and they saw on my itinerary that my point of entry would be on london, are they going to require me uk visa first? im really confused on this part. i’ll appreciate your help :)

    1. Hello, we don’t have any experience about this yet but I think it shouldn’t matter where you apply first. As long as you have proof that you will only be staying for x days in UK and x days in Paris (in the form of travel itinerary/accommodation booking/plane tickets), then it shouldn’t be a problem where you’re going in and out. :)

  55. hi jane! thank you for the very informative post. I was just wondering if tenancy contract is required as well since it was part of the document checklist under Accomodation. Thanks!

    1. Hello Tin! There’s no need to present a tenancy contract. You’re only required to make a booking/reservation of the place (hotel/hostel/AirBnB) you’ll be staying at while in UK.

    1. Hi Ghazal, there’s no specific amount of money needed in the bank statement. They just need proof that you have a constant source of income and that you can sustain yourself during your travel.

  56. Hi Guys
    KIndly help me on the below queries
    1- Invitation letter can be signed soft copy (pdf)?
    2- Residence visa must be valid for 90 days from departure date?
    3- can i bring my passport size picture or they will take?


  57. Hi Jane,

    Quick question – approximately how much amount bank balance do we need to show for a 5 day trip?


  58. Hello,

    I totaly agree regarding that helpline number as I have been struggling to contact them too. I too am a resident of Dubai. Just a quick question, do you have to provide bank statements that are stamped or online statements printed out will do? Thanks.

  59. Hi Jane,

    Thank you very much for your article. Very helpful. Did you get multiple entry or single entry? What do you suggest i put?


  60. Hi. You got any email from thr VFS after the processing of your application? Like, “your visa was approved” something like that?

    1. Hello Sebby! They don’t send any emails regarding the approval/rejection of your application. You have to wait until you get your passport to know if you’re granted a visa.

      1. Hello Jane, once UK embassy sends back the document to VFS, do we receive direct email from embassy. While receiving application in Abudhabi, they are sending us the mail. So should we expect mail after processing the application also or is it only a message from VFS ?

                  1. Hello Jane! Anyone here who have applied for UK visa recently? I am a bit worried now as we still need to apply for our Iceland Schengen Visa. Our UK visa has been lodged since October 2, Monday. Till now we do not received any update yet if the we can collect our passports.
                    Any one have applied schengen visa thru Denmark/Iceland? How long will it take? I think VFS do not offer express service for Denmark / Iceland Schengen visa.

                    1. Hello Proud Pinay! It seems like visa applications to Europe are taking time recently. I applied for a Schengen visa 2 months back and my passport was returned after 3 weeks. RE: UK visa, as per the comments below, most applications take 15 working days at the most.

          1. Hi Jane can you tellme me if my salary is 3500 and I have savings in my account 15000 then I can apply or no they will accept that or they need the more big salary

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