#BreakfastDate at The Farm at Al Barari

Tucked in one of the not-so-secret exits of the desert-y E-311 Road is a narrow street flanked by lush, green tropical trees that leads to a beautiful manmade oasis Al Barari. Developed to be an exclusive residential community, a portion of Al Barari is shared with the public – the Heart and Soul Spa and the lovely gourmet restaurant called The Farm.

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-1
Welcome to paradise!

The first time we learned about The Farm, we knew then that we had to have one of our breakfast dates there. We’ve tried to book for a table weeks ahead but it couldn’t accommodate us. Always. For the nth time, we tried to make a reservation, this time though, 3 months ahead – voila – we got ahold of a table in our preferred date and time!

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-2
The restaurant and spa are located at the end of this street

To put in bluntly, although this post falls under the “breakfast date” category, food isn’t the highlight of this morning date. Yep, we sort of had a good meal but the service was not pretty much at par with Dubai standards. Plus, there were flies around which makes you want to finish your meal as soon as possible.
Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-21
Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-14

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-9

We picked dishes from a digital menu on an iPad, where further details about the food, including the price reveals at the click of each item. I kinda find it complicated lol. We were once told that The Farm is on the pricey side. I beg to differ coz it charges almost the same as other gourmet restaurants in the city. I’m speaking on behalf of breakfast dishes though.

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-5

Anyway, I had Pastrami frittata that came with salad and toast while the hubby had Farm Select, a plateful of two eggs, sausages, grilled tomato, baked beans and toast. Both looked and tasted excellent as expected. We had our usual morning drinks – hazelnut latte for the husband and hot chocolate for me. Mine was quite a letdown though; it’s a bit diluted.

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-7

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-6

When in The Farm, to me, it’s more of the place that you pay a visit. It’s not everyday that you’d get to see a place as tropical and as lush as this, especially in this type of climate. It somehow reminds me of home, and that past life of mine when I used to design tropical gardens (shhh…). The Farm is, indeed, a breath of fresh air.

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-18
Those seats look so comfy, aren’t they?
Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-11
Yep, perfectly shaded! Much love to these grown trees!
Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-16
A touch of Balinese art

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-13

Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-12
Yup, this cascade won me over <3
Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-20
Framing the greens with more greeneries
Breakfast Date The Farm Al Barari-10
Love every corner of this place!

Should you decide to dine in The Farm, I suggest you reserve that table early on… or probably not, if it’s gonna be in this weather.



The Farm
Al Barari Villas, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Opposite Falcon City, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 392 5660

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