Iftar at Dusit Thani Dubai

We are a few weeks away from the holy month of Ramadan! While I am not a Muslim, I always look forward to iftar. There is a wide selection of places to break your fast across the emirate and last week, we’re lucky enough to have tried Dusit Thani Dubai’s iftar before Ramadan comes.

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Iftar at Dusit Thani Dubai will be served on the 24th floor of the Thai hotel, boasting a mesmerizing view of the city. Three restaurants will be open to dish up delectable food –PAX for everyone’s Italian cravings, Benjarong for a touch of authentic Thai cuisine and the international restaurant The Californian. Of course, traditional Arabic fare will be served alongside as well. The iftar preview was held at the Al Wasl Ballroom, the venue for big-group/company iftars.
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Iftar staples: bowls of assorted dates, dried fruits and nuts are available by the entrance.

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There’s a variety of salad (Arabic and otherwise), soups such as Lentil and Tom Yum and appetizers like cheese sticks and samosa.

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The mains are just as fabulous – a balanced mix of traditional Ramadan dishes and international fare such as steak, red duck curry, vegetable lasagna, etc. The husband and I both agreed that the Red Duck Curry was the star of the night. I used to say “no” to curries of all types, be it the Indian curry, Thai or the Filipino version but there’s just one that captivated my picky taste buds. Dusit Thani’s (or should I say Benjarong’s) red duck curry is to die for – tender duck meat and sauce that’s so amazingly flavorful I can eat it alone with rice (in Filipino, sabaw pa lang, ulam na.)

Desserts didn’t disappoint as well although the choices are mostly traditional sweets like baklava, kunafa, cream caramel and umm ali.

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Before the evening ended, I won an iftar for two in the raffle! I guess the curry gods heard my plead for another round of red duck curry goodness.

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Should this post made you salivating, I suggest you book that table or join them at The Big Eid Brunch. For table reservations, contact  +971 4 317 4515 or email dine.dtdu@dusit.com

For big groups of 50 and above, you may want to get in touch at +971 4 317 4227 / ccs.dtdu@dusit.com. Group iftar menu starts at 110 AED/head.

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