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Fraiche Café & Bistro has been in our breakfast date list for a long time. Jumeirah Lakes Towers is quite a drive so we always end up going elsewhere closer to home. It wasn’t until we had an errand to run within the area, that we actually had the chance to dine in this lovely spot.

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-15

I’ve learned about Fraiche’s awesome weekend breakfast deal in an ad in Facebook. Apart from the all-you-can-eat tag, their photos instantly send hunger pangs making me salivating just by looking at them. Priced at 75 AED per person, it’s a winner!

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-11

The items in the breakfast menu mostly come with bread that can easily make one feel full. There’s also a spread of pastries and fruits by the counter where you can get as much as you like. We had to wait for a while for our food so these pastries are lifesavers!

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-14

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-3

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-2

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-1

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-5

I had Eggs Benedict (46 AED, if ordered a la carte) that came with very flavorful potato wedges. The muffins are nice and soft though the pastrami needs some effort to slice.

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-9

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-6

The husband was very happy with his Steak and Eggs (50 AED) although the steak wasn’t tender to my liking. But it was bursting with flavors and perfect with the sunny side up eggs.

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-8

We also shared a plate of French Toast (45 AED), which is probably one of the best French toasts I’ve had in my life. The berries neutralize the sweetness of the toasts.

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-7

I wanted to get another serving of their French toast until finding Double Banana & Sticky Toffee French Toast (45 AED) at the bottom of the menu. Yes, please!! It’s actually a thick slab of banana bread smothered with toffee sauce and topped with banana slices. The vanilla ice cream sort of balances the sweetness and adds a soft texture to the toast. If you have a sweet tooth and given just one dish to order in Fraiche, I suggest you get this one!

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-13

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-12

Drinks are excluded from the 75 AED charge and boy was I glad to have ordered water instead of any flavored drink. Besides, there’s no hot chocolate in their menu. Truth is, if you have a really big appetite and you’re planning to hang around the place for quite some time, then, I think, you’d get your money’s full worth. But if you’re there to just get your first meal of the day, then I suggest you skip the all-you-can-eat and order a la carte. The serving is big enough for one anyway.

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-10

Fraiche Cafe & Bistro JLT-4

PS. Fraiche will be open everyday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM during Ramadan for dine-in, take-away and delivery!


Fraiche Café & Bistro
G/F Swiss Tower, Cluster Y, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 369 7821

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