Iftar at Tony Roma’s Al Wasl Vita

Tony Roma’s is a casual restaurant known for its steaks and ribs. With 3 branches in Dubai (and probably counting) in the last decade, would you believe if I say we’ve never dined in there? It was ridiculous, yes, so when we received an invite for iftar at Tony Roma’s’ Al Wasl Vita branch, there’s just no reason to say no.

Tony Roma's Iftar-1

Tony Roma's Iftar-16

Tony Roma's Iftar-17

As soon as we were seated, we were served the soup of the day. Albeit the hot weather outside, it was a calming experience to start your meal with a nice warm soup. What was served to us was very simple – broth with flat noodles and a few slices of veggies – but was bursting with flavors.

Tony Roma's Iftar-2
Soup of the Day! And dates to officially start the iftar

We shared this iftar dinner with our blogger friends so when it was time to order appetizers, we had everything in their menu and shared amongst us. I think almost everyone agreed that the Boneless (Buffalo) Bites was the winner. It tingles the taste buds with its sour and spicy zing. The Onion Loaf, which is basically stacked breaded onion rings, was a star – with or without BBQ dip.

Tony Roma's Iftar-5
Our table full with Tony Roma’s’ appetizers
Tony Roma's Iftar-7
Boneless Bites – breaded chicken breast in Buffalo sauce
Tony Roma's Iftar-8
Vegetable Bruschetta
Tony Roma's Iftar-9
Caesar Salad
Tony Roma's Iftar-10
Onion Loaf

Trying all starters made us full so when it was time to get the mains, I was looking for something light. But then again, I had my heart set on the Chicken Alfredo. The über creamy white sauce was just everything I wished for a nice pasta dish. When in Tony Roma’s, you gotta get a steak and that’s what the hubby had – Rump Steak. It might be dry and not as tender as what he expected but he liked its flavorful meat. The steak came with a choice of side dish, to which he had a nice mashed potato to go with it.

Tony Roma's Iftar-11
The super creamy Chicken Alfredo
Tony Roma's Iftar-13
Rump Steak with mash

We sealed the night with a delectable Chocolate Brownie Sundae. It was so good that even if the hubby and I were both full, we slayed the brownie just like how Jaime Lannister finished Aerys Targaryen.

Tony Roma's Iftar-15
Chocolate Brownie Sundae!!

So, if you’re looking for a place, to break your fast, with a fine selection of delightful dishes that won’t hurt your pocket, we highly suggest you go down the nearest Tony Roma’s branch! At 79AED, you get (1) the soup of the day, (2) a choice of appetizer, (3) main course and a (4) drink. Just add 29AED for that lovely brownie dessert!


Tony Roma’s
Al Wasl Vita Mall, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 343 6227



The Desert Life has been invited by Tony Roma’s for a review. However, the blog post is based on actual experience and remains honest and unbiased.

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