Moshi – Oud Metha: Momo & Sushi Under One Roof

I remember finding a square menu clipped on our windshield one morning. Apparently, there’s a new restaurant in the ‘hood. It isn’t your ordinary fusion cuisine eatery though because it serves Nepali momo and Japanese sushi (with a twist) under one roof! Welcome to Moshi!

Moshi has branched out to Oud Metha earlier this year. It’s located at 13th Street, a block away from Sunrise Supermarket and about a 5-minute walk from Lamcy Plaza. It’s the only orange-and-black restaurant in the area so it isn’t that difficult to spot.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-11

The interiors are quite modern and bright, definitely a stand out to its nearby restaurants. Moshi has a wall for love locks, as well, ala-Pont des Arts. We spotted a couple of diners giggling while clipping their locks in place. You can choose between getting seated on their comfy, cushioned chairs or a long table with bench, if you’re a big group.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-16

We’ve dined in Moshi twice, the first one when they’re few weeks old. We obviously were happy diners so a second trip was set. The Cheesy Chips Oman roll is an instant favorite. Oman chips as an ingredient in your dish is easily becoming a fad nowadays. But it isn’t any wonder anyway coz it makes any dish interestingly crunchy and tasty! Served in eights.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-12

The Potato, Cheese and Corn Momo is a momo with a filling of… wait for it… potato, cheese and corn. Lol. It’s an interesting combination and a tad heavy, too.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-14

We also gave their Prawn Fried Rice a try and we seemed to time travel to one of our lunches in Nepal. It is spicy but without overpowering its actual seafood-y flavor.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-13

We didn’t dare try leaving Moshi without trying out their dessert, Nutella Maki. It’s basically crepe with Nutella filling, drizzled with more Nutella and powdered sugar. Heavenly!!

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-15

On our second visit, we tried some of the dishes in their summer menu, which is an absolute delight!

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-1

The Chicken Teriyaki rolls (not in summer menu) are everything you’d expect for a chicken teriyaki – a perfect balance of savory and sweet.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-7

Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos is bursting with flavors and texture. It’s our favorite dish in this visit. There really is something with chips in your sushi rolls! An unexpected twist that makes you want for more.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-2

Sushi Burger is pretty much like McDonald’s rice burger that uses compressed rice as buns. It’s basically an oversized sushi with breaded chicken patties, lettuce and a delicious sauce to seal the deal. It’s quite messy to eat though.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-4

The Strawberry Mojito is heaven-sent especially in this hot and humid weather! Refreshing is an understatement!

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-6

One could never go wrong with Lotus Milkshake but had it been served cold, it would be so much awesome.

Moshi - Momo and Sushi - Oud Metha-10

The service needs a bit tweaking though, especially with efficiency in serving food. After all, the place wasn’t brimming with customers during our visit so it was sad to wait for our food for too long.



13th Street, near Sunrise Supermarket, Oud Metha, Dubai, UAE
800 66744

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