The Bench Brunch at Rove Downtown Dubai

The Pavilion Downtown Dubai’s weekend brunch “The Bench” found its new home at the recently opened The Daily at the Rove Downtown Dubai. We’ve heard good raves about The Bench in the past years and been meaning to try it out. It’s a relief to know about its move that we instantly blocked our Friday morning especially for this brunch.

Upon entering Rove’s sliding doors, my eyes glistened at the sight of an ultra sleek, modern and artsy interiors. Past the minimalist lobby with an eye catchy clock and colorful camels on the wall, onto the cozy and quirky-detailed lounge – every corner is so Pinterest-worthy.

The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-14
There’s no place like #rove
The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-13
A wall full of pretty and quirky things

We walked past the Zoom outlet and entered The Daily, an airy all-day dining restaurant that hosts The Bench brunch. We sat at the corner of the room, a huge wall adorned with pretty and colorful plates on our back.

The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-4
The Daily’s interiors

The brunch works similarly as when it was in the Pavilion – there’s a buffet spread where you can enjoy an unlimited supply of sandwiches, cheese, cold cuts, salads, cereals, pastries, yogurt and fresh juices. On top of this, you get a main course straight from their kitchen and a hot beverage to with it, be it coffee or tea.

The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-15

We’re on a shakshouka high these days so we had that plus a serving of eggs benedict. To be honest, we’re not very happy with the mains. The shakshouka tasted good but it was a bit dry and overcooked, while the eggs benedict seemed to be too ordinary.

The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-1
Shakshouka on top, eggs benedict at the bottom
The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-2

BUT the buffet spread was ace when it comes to selections, presentation and taste. The sandwiches especially the chicken wrap was delicious. I am in love with the rhubarb tart and the husband, with the pecan pie, that we had a second helping and still wanting more. The fresh juices were good, too.

The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-7
My second slice of rhubarb tart :s
The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-8
Breads and cold cuts
The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-9
Sandwiches, wraps and salads
The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-5
Muesli, cereals and fruit jams

The Bench Brunch - Rove Downtown Dubai-6

The service was good although we had to follow-up with hubby’s latte for a couple of times. Nonetheless, staff was helpful and friendly.

With an affordable price of 99 AED, The Bench brunch is a sure beautiful way to spend your Fridays and Saturdays with family and friends or for a casual date with your lovey. :) Available from 11AM to 5PM, no reservations required.


The Bench Brunch
The Daily, Rove Downtown Dubai (across The Dubai Mall), Dubai, UAE
+971 4 561 9000

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  1. I’m not sure if my comment went through so I’m sending it again! Love your cover of The Bench! Your photos too! And I can see us in one of the photos haha :) Lovely to bump into you guys again!!

    1. Thanks!! :) I actually have one photo of you and little S in the lobby, didn’t realize it was you while I was capturing it until I saw the pram, lol :)) Nice to see you again too! Hope we can catch up next time!

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