#BreakfastDate at Paper Fig Desserts in Sharjah

We’re keen to explore our neighbor Sharjah these days and what better way to start than a hearty breakfast in one of the emirate’s sought after cafés! Paper Fig Desserts crawled its way into my door when I first saw its beautiful dessert tables and the mouth-watering French Toast it’s most known for. From the way their dishes look, we already knew it’s worth the drive! This pretty café is tucked in a residential neighborhood just a few minutes away from the University City.

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-10

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-9
Love the patterns and colors in this wall!
Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-8
Love the light fixtures, too! <3

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-1

We visited on a Friday morning and it was half full with locals (why do I find this very surprising?!) and families. Most of the tables we passed by have the best-seller PF French Toast. No need thinking twice, it went straight to the server’s list. The round and thick toast came with maple syrup, cream anglaise sphere, fresh cream and strawberries (sweet ones!). I love that it’s fluffy yet light but unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-4
PF French Toast with a PF emblem on the center
Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-3
Our yummy spread!

There’s no better combo to a sweet toast than a savoury serving of Shakshouka. We love our eggs soft-boiled and it was perfect! It’s surely one of the best we’ve had so far. A dash of spice can add more kick but still, it was very delicious. The sauce is awesome that it can definitely be eaten by itself, lol. The bread though was quite a letdown, it was hard and chewy.

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-2

We had our usual breakfast beverages – latte for the hubby and hot chocolate for me. Yes, even in this hot and sticky weather!

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-6

If there’s something that I would recommend you try in Paper Fig, it is their unbelievably thick and rich hot chocolate. They use 70% dark chocolate (Valrhona!) thus the bitter-y taste! Mmmm, I like my hot choco exactly like that! Hot milk was served separately (probably) to thin the chocolate concoction to your liking. I didn’t add any milk at all because it’s perfect.

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-5
Bottle of hot milk on the left and a cup of 70% dark chocolate!

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-7

Service is excellent and staff is friendly. I love the charming interiors – so cute and feminine. :) Lots of pretty corners and rustic elements. It sure looks romantic at night, though not the fine dining type. I think it’s good for casual date nights!

Paper Fig Desserts Sharjah - Breakfast Date-11

Paper Fig is absolutely a nice stop when driving up north!


Paper Fig Desserts
Taryam Sama Building, near University City Road, Sharjah, UAE
6005 60601

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