Dapoer Kita: Authentic Indonesian Restaurant in Karama

We had an Indonesian colleague once who spoke so highly about a particular Indonesian diner in Karama. He claims it as the most authentic Indo restaurant in Dubai. It’s such a shame that we had only tried it out last weekend. Dapoer Kita is located in 43A Street in Karama, near Lulu Hypermarket and Karama Souq. Its yellow and brown sign is a bit difficult to notice which makes it all the more suited to be called a “hidden gem“.

Dapoer Kita Karama-8

Dapoer Kita Karama-2
Dapoer Kita’s simple interiors – walls in yellow and white decked with a few ornamental plants and knick knacks.

The house was full when we arrived at dinnertime. I didn’t know that we had quite a population of Indonesian expats here, probably because we Southeast Asians almost looked alike.

Dapoer Kita Karama-1
Indonesian staff

Before settling on our table, we noticed that they have a buffet section. We found out that it wasn’t your typical all-you-can-eat. It’s self-service, yes, but there is a specific cost for each dish. It was too complex for us since we’re very hungry so we didn’t bother try to comprehend. We’ll probably explore the buffet next time.

Dapoer Kita Karama-5
Our beautiful and yummy mess!

I need not to take a look at the menu coz I automatically asks for a plate of slightly spicy Nasi Goreng every time we go to an Indonesian restaurant. They have a few varieties of my favorite fried rice depending on your choice of meat (chicken, seafood or both, dried fish or lamb). I had the Nasi Goreng Campur, which is a mix of seafood and chicken. It was amazing – I had a party in my mouth! Together with the rice dish is an egg cooked sunny side up, a handful of prawn crackers, slices of cucumber and tomato and two sticks of chicken satay. I don’t usually like satays as they tend to be too nutty for my liking BUT Dapoer Kita’s version has a subtle peanut taste – I am in love! I swore I could finish a stick or two more.

Dapoer Kita Karama-6
I had my Nasi Goreng slightly spicy but after a few minutes, my tongue started numbing from its hotness!

The husband had Nasi Timbel, which is steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf that came with grilled chicken, tempeh (similar to tofu but with a different texture), tofu and shrimp paste chili sauce. The grilled chicken has an Asian kick making it not your typical grilled meat. It was a tasty dish with perfect side dishes except for that meat-looking thing (next to the rice in photo) that he found too salty.

Dapoer Kita Karama-10
I learned from a quick Google search that Nasi Simbel is basically rice wrapped in banana leaf. So that makes the grilled chicken just a side dish?

We also shared a serving of Kangkung, which makes a perfect accompaniment to our mains.

Dapoer Kita Karama-7
Kangkung or kangkong!

I had my nasi goreng washed down by a coconut milk beverage called Es Cendol. It has some green rice flour jellies giving it an interesting texture. Hubby had Jus Alpukat or avocado shake, which he liked so much. It’s not like the common avocado shake we get from small cafeterias drowning the avocado flavor with milk and honey. Instead, it’s light and reminds us of homemade shakes back home.

Dapoer Kita Karama-3
Jus Alpukat on the left, Es Cendol on the right
Dapoer Kita Karama-4
This milky concoction balances off the spiciness of my Nasi Goreng. Perfect combo!

We still have a lot of dishes to try in Dapoer Kita that we’re planning to return in the near future! This hidden gem in Karama is really worth a try. The restaurant’s simplicity interiors-wise is doubly compensated by the quality of Indonesian fare they serve.


Dapoer Kita
43A Street, near Lulu Hypermarket and Karama Souq, Karama, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 379 5501

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