#BreakfastDate at The Hamptons Cafe

Rose croissant – I have to admit that that was the driving force that finally prompted us to visit The Hamptons Café. There was a time when this pink pastry was all over my feed and it gets me hungry every single time. Housed in a charming three-storey villa, with commanding views of Umm Suqeim on its covered rooftop, this café is located along Jumeirah Beach Road.


We visited on a Saturday morning for breakfast. It was a bit full so we were seated on the third floor. The room is airy and cozy – just beautiful. The jazz music in the background complements the chic interiors so perfectly. It’s not hard to picture how romantic this place is at night.


The menu is on an iPad with corresponding images to (almost) each dish. I was ecstatic to find a hot matcha green tea latte. Clearly, I have to break my long hot chocolate streak for this one. It came with pistachio macaron and a glass of water. I love how creamy it was though it wasn’t the best matcha latte I’ve had to date.

Hot matcha green tea latte – it looks greener in actual

The husband had Valrhona hot chocolate which is rich and very thick. It was served with a cream, vanilla macaron and glass of water on a tray. This way you can mix the consistency according to your liking.


When the raspberry and rose croissant arrived on our table, I can’t help but swoon at how pretty it looks and smells. It’s something new for my palate and I’m quickly in love. There’s a single rose petal on top of the croissant that I found really nice. The hubs wasn’t much of a fan though coz it’s too flower-y for his taste.


For the mains, we tried the uber savory (and satisfying) eggs and cheese in tomato basil sauce. It’s basically a shakshuka. It’s very delicious that we finished it up to the last sauce.


I’m already full by the time I got to taste the banana nut waffles. But it tasted very good nonetheless. The waffle was a bit chewy though.


We had a wonderful morning at The Hamptons Café and it’s certainly one of those breakfast spots I can recommend. Service is great; ambiance is exquisite and the food, heavenly. We see ourselves returning in the near future, perhaps for a romantic date night.

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