KimChikin: Korean Fried Chicken and More

We recently had a weeklong Korean craze going on in our little home. It started when we saw the much-hyped film, Train to Busan. Two days after, I had this super weird dream about a Korean guy. Then, the following day, we were invited to review KimChikin, a Korean casual restaurant in Al Ghurair Centre.


So, Kimchikin! We were instant fans the first time we’ve tried their famous fried chicken. For this dinner, however, we explored other dishes but kept the fried chicken on the sideways just in case we’re being too adventurous.

The cashier recommended her favorite Japchae. It’s basically stir-fried noodles with soy sauce and topped with mushrooms, sliced scrambled eggs and veggies. I learned from a quick Google search that these noodles were actually sweet potato noodles! Japchae is perfect – it’s delicious! The seasoning was just right and the toppings were quite generous. Well, the overall serving is generous coz this is the smallest portion and yet it’s good enough for two.


We also had Topoki – rice and fish cakes boiled with sweet red chili sauce. To be honest, I had the inkling to try it because of the photo in the menu. I didn’t read the description so we were surprised at its level of spicy-ness. The first scoop got me teary-eyed!


From the Sizzling Treat menu, we tried Katsu Curry Rice. I’m not sure why it falls in the sizzler menu and yet it’s not sizzling when served. This is more of a Japanese dish than Korean but we like it nonetheless. The breaded chicken was perfectly seasoned and fried. Tastes really good!


The Kim Chicken was fabulous as usual. We couldn’t find any fault at it – we could have it at any given day. The combo meal comes with 3 chicken/fillets (soy or spicy) and a choice of 1 or 2 sides. We had crisscut fries and kimchi to go with this dish.


Overall, it was a nice dinner. We’re impressed at how spotless and modern the place is. The staff, especially the cashier who served us that night, deserves a shout out coz she did her job very well. We had quite an odd experience during the beginning of the review but the cashier’s assistance made us enjoy our night. We’ll be back, that’s for sure. :)




The Desert Life has been invited by KimChikin to review their restaurant. As always, all opinions/comments are mine.


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