The Oud Metha Foodie Trail

When you hear Oud Metha, what comes to your mind? Schools? St. Mary’s Church? Lamcy Plaza? Do you even think of driving down here for lunch? Or perhaps to cool you down on a hot afternoon? Well, the past few years, restaurants and cafés were sprouting like mushrooms in our ‘hood, giving a depth to what could’ve been just any normal residential neighborhood in the city. Though still far from being a foodie destination ala Karama, Oud Metha is taking baby steps to get there. So, I thought of mapping out for you the foodie trail in Oud Metha!

Oud Metha Foodie Trail Map. Click the image to see it clearer. :)

Yay maps! I love making them just as how much I can’t read them – it’s a complex relationship. PS. I only listed independent dining spots in here, meaning restaurants/cafés in hotels/malls aren’t included.

Barbecue Delights

We are in grilled meat heaven everytime we go visit Barbecue Delights! We love their buffet of awesome barbecue stuff that’s as low as 45AED for lunch on Sat-Thu.


The neon lights of this ice cream parlor get crazy attractive at night. Once inside, you get an explosion of colors! We love their homemade ice cream – very on point for hot, summer nights. And oh, try their falooda, too!


Who doesn’t know this Tex-Mex restaurant? Chili’s doesn’t need any further introduction. Now, please pass me that Cajun pasta, please?


Daraj Al Yasmin

We got to try Daraj Al Yasmin on a small party arranged by our office. They have some really nice Arabic fare and eye-catchy traditional interiors, too.

Fish Hut

This seafood restaurant is probably one of the best in the neighborhood. Pick your seafood and have it cooked to your liking!


Not to be confused with the supermarket next door of the same name, Fujiya is a no-fuss Japanese restaurant. We loved our ramen just as much how we liked the sushi!


Gangnam Restaurant

Who doesn’t know the song Oppa Gangnam Style? This restaurant named after the hit screams nothing but pure Korean. Whether you want to cook your own bulgogi or dive in a plateful of spicy Korean fried chicken, Gangnam has it for you.


Golden Dragon

This red-and-black restaurant is another contender for the Chinese food lover. Golden Dragon has an extensive menu that you’d never run out of new food to try. Visit the restaurant on a Tuesday and get a 50% slash from the bill!


Haji Ali Juice Center

On a weekend night, it bothers us how crowded this little corner could get. But a night out sipping their freshly made juices makes you think why it’s such a crowd-drawer.

Hyu Korean Restaurant

Start off with Hyu as it’s the closest you can get to with the reliable Dubai Metro. A bit hidden, Hyu is one of the two Korean restaurants in the ‘hood.

Iranian Club

The Iranian Club is the best place to indulge on authentic Persian fare. It is located across KM Trading supermarket.

La Pulpe

This bright and yellow café is another high-rated refreshment bar in Oud Metha. La Pulpe makes our mouth water with their healthy drinks and chocolate-y shakes. I got my eyes on that Lotus Kicker.

Lan Kwai Fong Peking Duck Restaurant

From its name itself, one can guess what their specialty is. Not a fan of Peking duck? Well, their beef basket is heavenly.

Little Bangkok

Yes, this favorite restaurant has a branch here in Oud Metha! Armed with Thai cooks, Little Bangkok delivers one of the best Thai food in town.



Another Thai restaurant in the ‘hood is the good ol’ Lemongrass. We’re loyal delivery customers coz they’re so efficient and inexpensive and the food is just amazing. Plus, everyone gets a 10% discount for delivery when ordering online! 


For those times when you can’t decide between having Japanese or Nepalese, Moshi enters the picture. We love, love, love their amazing twist to sushi. The ones with Oman chips and Cheetos are our top picks!

Papa John’s

To satisfy your pizza cravings, there’s Papa John’s. We love their cheese sticks!

Punjabi by Nature

I always find myself so attracted to its windows as if seeing it for the first time. Punjabi by Nature serves nice North Indian fare.


Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang translates to Taste of Love and you will feel love in every dish they whip. The restaurant’s specialties range from various types of fried rice to curries and noodles. They have an interesting variety of drinks, too! Milo Dinosaur is a personal favorite.


Ribbons & Balloons

The best place to be if you have a sweet tooth! Ribbons and Balloons has a delectable selection of cakes (be it traditional, wildly out-of-the-box, egg-less or gluten-free) cupcakes and cookies. Their jar cakes are insane! The last time I check, they also conduct baking classes.

Spring Bamboo

Together with Lan Kwai Fong, Spring Bamboo is a favorite pit stop of Chinese tourists visiting Dubai. They come in big tourist buses so I can only assume that they’re serving nothing but authentic Chinese cuisine.

Tea Junction Café & Lounge

The name of the café itself is a giveaway of what they serve best. More than a nice selection of teas, they also have coffee, smoothies, mocktails and fresh juice.

Wadi Al Baraka

Because all neighborhoods need a trusty burger/shawarma/fresh fruit juice joint. Wadi Al Baraka is our go-to place for local street food. Their grilled


Have you heard of a restaurant that specializes in eggs?! Well, I present to you: Yello. It is the perfect spot for the “eggs lover”


It took me 3 years to finish this post coz everytime I attempt to work on it, either there’s an addition or a big change in the hood! Oh well, this is Dubai, what do you expect? I will try my best to keep on updating this map as Oud Metha progresses with its growing dining scene!

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