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Hello, I’m Jane!

Born and raised in the Philippines, expat in Dubai since 2009. I’m on a mission to chronicle my Arabian adventures, my passion for the arts and landscape architecture, my growing obsession with travel and everything in between.

Dubai has been my home away from home, my newly established comfort zone. After all these years, my love-hate relationship with this cosmopolitan city has blossomed into a beautiful and fruitful one. I haven’t had enough of the ooohs and ahhhs and woooows in this country of superlatives. And I will never get used to its hot and humid summer. Surely, my stay here in Dubai is one of the highlights of my life that I will never get tired of re-telling.

The emirates’ booming construction industry made me signed up for a new life in Dubai. On a normal day, I bury my head on master plans and construction drawings. I am a landscape architect, thus the technical terms and botanical names in this blog (believe me when I say but I’m really trying my best to speak in layman’s terms!).

My fascination for travel started when I was young and grew exponentially when I set foot in the UAE. The country’s location makes an ideal base for seeing the world. I see to it to travel at least twice a year, as it’s my breather from the hectic corporate world. Each time I go on a holiday, instead of ticking off one place from the bucket list, the checklist becomes longer and longer.

While I don’t want to call myself a foodie because I was (and still am!) a picky eater, my palate has explored quite remarkably in Dubai. My taste buds lean towards the sweet, sour and spicy Asian flavors but slowly and surely, I am becoming open to all sorts of tastes! With an array of exciting cuisines to choose from, it’s impossible to run out of exciting dishes to try in Dubai/UAE.

Most of my travels and dine out sessions are shared with my best friend aka hubby-to-be! Friends since college and lovers since 2010, we will soon become one and this blog will become our virtual home!

And most of all, I am a lover of all things beautiful and unique. I drool over handmade stuff! More of this coming soon. :)

Welcome to The Desert Life.

This blog was started back in 2011, two years after setting foot in Dubai, as an online diary-slash-reference-slash-collection of my mundane musings and observations in the UAE. It was my first jump to an independent life and being a first-time expat, there were a coupla things I learned that I wanted to share with everyone as well. Intentionally for my family to read on so they’d know my whereabouts, throughout the years, this blog has reached and hopefully helped newbies in Dubai/UAE, the got-nothing-to-do on a weekend expat and the occasional travelers like me.

The Desert Life is a conjugation of everything this desert girl is. This blog features travel diaries, recent happenings in town, the ever-evolving dining scene in the country and a dash of personal stories.

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